Baylor Doesn't Like The Gay?

The girl on the left is Emily Nkosi who used to be Emily Niemann. The "Nkosi" name comes from the girl on the right who is now her Massachusetts sanctioned spouse. Yep, we're talking full blown lesbians.

But why do I care? I'll tell ya why. Emily used to play basketball for Baylor University. In fact, that girl fired off 19 points (5 of 8 from the three point line) when the Lady Bears opened a can of whoop arse on Michigan State and won the National Title two years ago. It was the happiest moment of my life except for seeing the birth of my first child (which has never actually happened - but I digress).

But then I read a couple of months after that momentous night that she had quit the team. "Why?" I cried into my pillow that night. "Why, Emily, are you leaving the only decent sports team that I've seen at Baylor in the last 15 years? Whatever it is, we can fix it!"

Two years later, I have my answer.

Emily, it seems, was afraid Baylor would be none to pleased if it was revealed she was a lesbian, and USA Today has finally printed her story. (Sheesh, even Bill O'Reilly has covered Baylor's lack of love for The Gay.)

What's the world coming to when a female college basketball player can't have an affinity for the same sex? It's enough to make me want to tear up my Baylor pennant.