Where's Mrs. Pacman When You Need Her?

Craziest story from the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas last weekend.

- After the game, Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Tennessee Titans (yep, that's a football team) decides to visit a strip club called Minxx. (Hey, now.)

- Inside the club is also rapper Nelly (he's kind of a white rapper since even I like some of his songs.)

- Nelly decides to "Make It Rain" which means he takes hand fulls of dollar bills and throws them up into the air thereby making them "rain" down on the strippers. (I would have liked to have seen that.)

- Pacman Jones, not to be outdone, starts to Make It Rain himself. (I'm soooo doing this at Frilly's tonight.)

- Something goes wrong (and here is where the facts get murky) but a melee breaks out.

- During the melee, a guy steals some money from Pacman and places the money in a trash bag and leaves. (I think Pacman had the money in a bag he was carrying - not sure.)

- The money is later recovered in a hotel room and it totaled $81,000!!! (That's right, Pacman Jones went inside a strip club with $81,000 in cash. Holy crap.)

- After the melee, a guy leaves and then comes back into the club and starts shooting. Three people are hit - one guy takes a bullet in the spine.

- I'm opening up a Minxx in Rhome this summer. Good times.

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