Why "The Spin" Is Delayed

Ok, after visiting three stadiums in two days, I was off to Nashville International to come home. I was unavoidably delayed for a bit. See the front of my white (crappy) rent car above? See the back of the darker car above (license plate smeared in photo on purpose)? Well these photos were taken after the following . . . I allegedly rear ended the dark car with my white car while leaving the football game in Nashville, Tennessee today. Ok, I admit to "bumping" her. That event (and I am not making this up), caused (1) the female driver of the darker car to call 911, (2) me waiting 30 minutes without anyone showing up and then politely giving the lady my name and DL number and explaining to her that I had to catch a plane because this didn't appear to be any big deal since there was no damage, (3) what I presume to be the very big husband of said lady arriving and telling me I didn't need to "run", (4) me deciding it might be a good idea not to leave, (5) after an hour of waiting then watching an ambulance, police officer, and a fire truck zoom past us (6) observing those same three vehicles to come back five minutes later once they realized they were called about this "collision" (7) the maybe teen-aged daughter of said lady, above, to be strapped to a backboard (once again, I am not making this up) and placed inside the ambulance (8) having the daughter scream bloody murder inside the ambulance because the neck collar was driving her crazy, (9) the daughter and parents deciding that it might not be a good idea to put the daughter in the ambulance after all, and (10) me to confirm with the cop that I wasn't receiving a citation to which he affirmed I would not because "there was no damage to the vehicles." I expect to hear from the Tennessee equivalent of "The Texas Hammer". Thank God I had a digital camera with me.