Ok, just to keep me from going crazy, let me issue this disclaimer. There appears to be a creative wise guy amongst us who is having fun with my name. He, very creatively I might add, makes Comments under the name BSG complete with the underlined hyperlink. It would give anyone the impression that I am the author. I am not. It started last night when I posted the Cheers and Jeers below about the amount of gay coverage in the Star Telegram. The first post was from "BSG" - not underlined - and not me - that read "Ok, I'm coming out of the closet." Very funny, I thought. I posted my BSG, with the underlined hyperlink (to authenticate my name), that said "Not me. Funny. But not me." And then I went to bed. Then this morning I awoke to find subsequent posts from BSG with an underlined hyperlink (I didn't know he could do that) which read, "Really, I am". Ok, funny stuff. But I am out of the Comments business. If you see a "BSG" it's not me. He won. I give up. I've been outsmarted. (Or she outsmarted me - probably an equal possibility).