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This Is Big

A bus "exploded" on I-45 this morning as it headed away from the gulf coast. From news footage and reports, it looks like it was carrying a group of senior citizens. When WFAA took over the news from GMA at the bottom of the 7 o'clock hour, the in house reporter confirmed there was one dead and then threw it to the on scene reporter. I could have sworn I heard her say there were at least 20 dead. Update: The Morning News has put the "20 dead" figure on its website. (Photo from the CNN story).


Anonymous said...

sad very sad

Anonymous said...

absolutely heartbreaking - imagine the pain of the family members and rescue folks. Too much to comprehend. God be with all.

Condoleesa said...

It has gone to 24 with 25 injured. It makes me physically ill. I just want to cry.