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This is a little involved but . . .

If you want to watch an incredibly moving interview about the Katrina disaster relief as seen on Meet the Press on 9.4.05 as well as a follow up story that casts doubts on this man's story, you have to check this out.


Anonymous said...

this really is sad - I saw this interview shortly after it transpired.....I truly felt sorry for this man and do not doubt the authenticity of his story - but why in the world would a person get on national television with this?

we can now have our funeral services video taped.

what's next?.......a video tape of the embalming process?

..somebody call Jerry Springer!

Anonymous said...

This is just one more story of how the elderly were abandoned and left to die! Emotional...what if it were our mother??? By telling the story on national TV, nursing home owners may think twice the next time and get the elderly out of harms way.

The story needed to be told, the end result was death so the timeline is not that important.

The elderly left on the roadside, in the shelters, left to die alone in the airport are stories.

Where was FEMA? We know where the Louisianna National Guard Iraq!

Anonymous said...

I was watching Meet the Press that morning and saw it and to say it was moving or emotional was an understatement. It was extremely upsetting and this man is truly a hero - not only for what all he has done and how hard he has worked, but by being a spokesperson for the horrific events that transpired after the hurricane and levee breaking.

I also saw the interview with the actual man whose mother drowned and I understood it not to be the fault of the nursing home (in this case anyway), but the fault of the government for not being quicker to rescue the people in this facility. He was on the phone day after day with the nursing home and they were trying to get help. When help finally came - they got some out, but did not have TIME to get out this man's mother.

I salute this incredibly brave man for exposing his true feelings and I think it was necessary for Americans to really see the effects this has had on so many many people.

For Anon #1 - how could this possibly relate to having funeral services taped or embalming? Talk about blowing something out of proportion!

Anonymous said...

Yes that is terrible but referring to this man as Mr. President? Since when did he deserve that honor? Not trying to be ugly here but c'mon.
Did you notice that the other dude said "bitchmark" instead of "benchmark." Was that a goof or the way he talks???

nappel said...

This whole story about blaming the President is getting old. What happing to first response by the city government, and State? Should they be responding to warnings and aftermath of the hurricane first? Everyone is complaining about Federal Government response, but what did city of New Orleans did? They wore supposed to make sure that people that can evacuate themselves are taken care of. On images we are seeing many school busses abandoned and destroyed busses that could have being used to evacuate people. I think that we need to stop blaming other people and start taking responsibilities for our actions.

Anonymous said...

no disrespect to the funeral folks 9:08 - my point was sensationalism.

I felt sorry for this guy too, but his story is only one of hundreds equally as sad.....

......and lots of those folks will never have their pain televised.

Anonymous said...

So are you wanting their pain televised or not - make up your mind.