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Can We Have Some Common Decency?

This picture was distributed by news agencies this month after the lady received her card from the Red Cross as one of the evacuees. You can read the number can't you? I wonder if anyone tried to use the number for an unauthorized purchase. Yep.


Anonymous said...

Pretty stupid of the media to not block out the card. They should know better.

Extremely low for people to try and steal it - but then again that is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I agree but.... bet she's already reached the $2,000. max on it!

Anonymous said...

Is Master Card accepted by most dope dealers?

bigcatdaddy said...

Anonymous said...

bigcatdaddy - more like a 73 Dodge Dart.

bigcatdaddy said...

Its disturbing how many of you people don't recognize sarcasm when you see it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it odd a french photographer took the photo? Damn french freaks.

Anonymous said...


So you say you would love for your kids to grow up just like Bill Clinton!

He wrote a book called My Lie's
most liberals gave it bad reviews. New York Time the offical paper of the DNC gave it bad reviews

In his book he discribes his relationship with Monica foolish but never tells the truth he's real sorry-but just that he got caught.

He lied about his sexual misconduct with numerous women ( do a web-serach for Bill Clinton sex partner's results 112,000 hits.

He still claims he did not sexually harass Paula Jones While he was Gov then why did he pay her $850,000 to shutup? Surely it was becasue the state troopers that ordered to bring her to his hotel suite would have been called to testify.

Several Troopers have admitted that they often pimped for Clinton bringing both streetwalkers and women who caught his eye.

He also continues to deny his 12 yr affair with Gennifer Flowers, although she has tapes of them together, he casually dismisses the whitewater scandal as a land deal where he lost money.

Well if that's all it was why did a dozen of his close associates go to jail over it? It was because of Susan McDougal was stuipd enough to be loyal to him and refuse to testify against him, but it kept him form going to jail ( McDougal's hubsand recently revealed that she was also one of Clinton's sex partner's.

When the news hit about his fling with Monica what did Bill do? he bombed Foreign Nations to distract attention from him and Monica
He took illegal campaign contrubtions from buddhist monks and then lied about it.

He Convinced his cabinet member's to go on national tv and lie for him. He lied under oath to many times to count. He was the only pres in modren times to be impeached.

He did not get impeached becasue a teenaged intern that he should have been proctecting, he was impeached becaused he lied under oath that is called perjury, perjury is a felony.

He was disbarred from the practice of law form the state of Arkanas
The Supreme court barred him.

He is a pathological liar

But Bill said it best himself
"I am a living paradox-deeply religious, yet not as convinced of my exact beliefs, as i ought to be. Wanting responsibility yet shirking it; loving the truth but often times giving way to falsity"

His own words!!!!!!!!

Bigcat you told me you would love for your kids to grow up to be just like Bill? would you let your teeange daughter be alone with this man?


Anonymous said...

this is a small list i could write a book on what he did but there are kids that read this blog.

Anonymous said...

7:19 needs a valium. - or maybe hand cuffs.

bigcatdaddy said...'re getting desperate...I won't respond on another thread so you feel it necessary to chase me all over Barry's Blog????

I'm done responding to you. You are a pompous jerk who cannot carry on a civil discussion.
You are not worth my time.

Oh....I don't have kids. At least any that I am aware of. Heh heh!

Hillary 2008!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see bigcatdddy's problem
He's a NASCAR redneck!!!

Anonymous said...

I see bigcatdddy's problem
He's a NASCAR redneck!!!

Condoleesa said...

Hey Bigcatdaddy, I kinda like you. You at least have give yourself some kind of identity and don't anonymously attack anyone. I don't agree with you on everything but buddy you have my respect.

I am totally with you on people not recognizing sarcasm. Seems like there are a lot of people on here that are WAY too high strung.

BTW I am a NASCAR redneck

bigcatdaddy said...

Same to you Condoleesa, I appreciate the fact that someone else notices. :-) I don't always agree with you either, but I've noticed you ride the fence a bit. You are welcome to step over to the left whenever you are ready. We have plenty of room. :-p

I'm very much agreement with you about people being high strung. I'm pretty relaxed, and yes, I make a few jabs every now and then, but I do it all in the interest of fun. Some people can't take a joke.

In response to the NASCAR comment. If you don't like it, thats fine, you don't have to watch it. Don't assume things about me because of my favorite sport, you don't know me.

NASCAR is great racing....everything else is just a game.

Anonymous said...

If Hillary runs and wins for president, i might kill myself!

Condoleesa said...


I wasn't trying to be nasty about NASCAR, I actually like it. I am not crazy about it but I like it okay.

I read Barry's comment where he is gonna pull the blog and that is a shame. I really enjoy it and I hope it isn't because of anything I said.

Maybe it would change in tone if he just eliminated anonymous posting. I have to admit comments. When people don't have to have an identity or take responsibility for their comments or actions things always seem to get out of hand.

Actually I am not a conservative, I think I am a moderate. I won't "go to the dark" (liberal side and I am kidding) mostly I think is isn't good to be fanatical about anything

His Disciple said...

Hey Bigcatdaddy

Im not scared to put my name on the blog. but I do agree with anon @7:19pm Bill was not a good pres.

What shame he brought the USA when he was in the whitehouse.

bigcatdaddy said...

I think the anonymous posting should be eliminated. People say more outrageous things when they have something to hide behind.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Bush, a former governor of Texas is now spending his time learning how state, local and federal programs work during disasters? What did he learn while governor or during his first term?

Anonymous said...

Pres Bush has kept his clothes on!