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"The Office"

I saw this NBC show for the first time last night. Very funny. I was somewhat disappointed with "My Name Is Earl" (although I remain a big Jason Lee fan simply because of "Chasing Amy")


Anonymous said...

If you love Steve Carell(the star of the office), and you don't mind sitting through a hour and 56 minutes of vulgarities then you'll absolutely love"The Forty Year Old Virgin".

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love "The Office" and work for somebody pretty close to his character. We actually talked about the show and he doesn't really like it 'cause he doesn't get it - which makes it even funnier.

"The Forty Year Old Virgin" is one of the best movies I've seen and I laughed out loud all the way through it. His character is so sweet and it actually has a good moral message about sex. I don't know that I would say it is vulgar - just profanity and a little crude. Vulgar sounds so 'nasty and dirty'. If profanity offends you - don't go, but more than likely the title would keep you from going anyway if you are easily offended. I also loved the fact that his character falls for an older woman who is pretty - yet not model gorgeous like so many leading ladies are.

I also liked "My Name is Earl". They have lots of room for many many episodes and looks like there will be a 'moral' each week. There are so many redneck types just like him in Wise County which makes it even funnier. I've always liked not only Jason Lee but the guy who plays his brother.

These two shows are MUST SEE TV.