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Well At Least It Was Worth A Win

The Morning News has a fairly big story on Corey Fulbright (left in photo), the kid that broke his neck and became paralyzed in 2002, while making a tackle for Everman during a high school game. (He just completed some two year acting school). The story is a tragedy. But what struck me was this sixth paragraph of the story: "The hit was a turning point in the game. Burnet [the opponent] led 7-0, when Fulbright made the hit on Patrick Miller, breaking up a third down pass and forcing a punt. Everman went on to win, 35-14."


Anonymous said...

No surprise. Isn't our society about winning the big Friday night game?

Anonymous said...

i guess he can play in the movie superman now.

ronmexico said...

At least the hit wasn't a turning point in this young man's life.