Cheers And Jeers

Last week I posted about a Star Telegram "Jeer" to the paper for being "too gay". This week brought a couple of Jeers in response to the original Jeer: "Jeers: To Charles P. Lenard Jr. for his Sept. 17 jeer to the Star-Telegram for being 'too gay.' You don't speak for me, so please don't write: 'Your subscribers don't want to read about same-sex couples.' I want to read the news, and if that includes reading about same-sex partners, etc., so be it. You would be better off reading an alternative newspaper. Homophobe Times, perhaps? Anna Holyfield, Troy" "Jeers: To Charles P. Lenard Jr. for his mean and hurtful jeer. As a Christian, I believe that we're all equal and that God loves all mankind. The Star-Telegram has a responsibility to share views on all subjects, types of people and religions. That's what makes the newspaper so interesting to read. Kaye L. Harmon, Hurst"