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Jimmy Johnson's Was Saved From His Biggest Mistake

Every Cowboy fan worships Jimmy Johnson and considers him a drafting genius. But people have forgotten how he ended up drafting Emmitt Smith by accident. Jimmy moved up in the draft's first round to get Baylor linebacker James Francis. Once Francis was taken, he had to "settle" for Smith. But it interesting to remember that 16 players were drafted above Emmitt Smith. Source: Over-rated-over-self-promoting-Gil Brandt (who was there).


bsg said...

I understand that this doesn't go under this comment, but I would like to appologize to Barry, and the rest of the bloggers out there. I(who will remain anonymous)must take full responsibility in posting the few comments under the false name of "bsg". It was not meant to offend annyone, especially Barry to who we owe a great deal of thanks to for all the hard work he puts into this blog.

I hope that my apology and promise to refrain from posting under your name ever again will enable you comment once again.

To prove to you that it was I who posted under your name, this comment will be posted under "bsg". Once again I apologize for offending anyone, this was only done in an effort to get a few laughs. Barry, if you forgive me and decide to continue to comment please respond.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy was great. He should have gone in with the triplets. As time goes on it becomes more clear who was responsible for the Cowboys success.

The Cowboys will never be in the Super Bowl until they get a new GM (which will never happen). I hope Stephen Jones will be better but i doubt it.

boredatwork said...

The triplets are great and I was so happy to see them put on the Ring of Honor but Jimmy Johnson is the reason that they are there! I hope that people don't forget how wonderful Jimmy Johnson was.