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The traffic jam getting out of Houston was incredible today. ABC News Tonight had a shot of one of the only gas stations open (at a Sam's Club) and Charlie Gibson said he counted 110 cars in line behind one of the pumps. Wow. Even at 5 minutes per fill up per car (which is ridiculously optimistic), that would be over a nine hour wait for car #110.


Anonymous said...

Where is the gas???? Perry says leave Houston, there will be gas. The army trucks come but their nozzles don't fit cars!

People are stuck on the Interstate for potties! 100 degree temperature. Perry still has'nt opened it up the inbound lanes for all to go out!

People will be still waiting for the government along the roads for the government to bring them gas!

What a mess! When will people start thinking it would be helpful in time of crisis for the elected officials to have an IQ over 65!

Anonymous said...

And you would do what, exactly?

You expect the government to tell you it's not safe to live near the ocean? You expect the government to provide your gas? You expect the government to tell you when to leave and which way to go? You expect the government to reduce the air temperature and tell you to go potty or bring a couple of jugs for that? Seems like it's you, the voter, that needs to have an IQ over 65. People are not supposed to live on flatland next to hurricane prone bodies of water. Next time, vote FOR high speed rail lines in Houston; try a little zoning, and make Houston a better place to live and get around in.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:35 - you must be a liberal jackass. You bitch because they don't do enough in NO and now Perry is trying to get everyone out of Houston before Rita hits and you are bitching because so many people are leaving that they can't go anywhere fast enough for you!

I am sure that this bus fire is going to be Perry or Bush's fault too... because I am sure that they knew it had bad brakes and they just thought that they would put a bunch of senior citzens on there to get rid of them.

You are just a complete jackass.

Anonymous said...

All of the name calling in the world wont make extreme liberals any different - that goes for the extremists in all cases. They are what they are - think what they think and you can argue with them until your blue in the face and they will always think they are right. Hense the word extreme. Take # 6:35 with a grain of salt - he/she is always going to depend on the govt. and there isn't anything you or I can do about it, 'cept ignore them.

boredatwork said...

Well said 9:34. I couldn't agree with you more.