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"Don't Buy Gas If You Don't Need It" - Pres. Bush

When I first saw that quote today, my initial reaction was (1) uh, thanks, I was going to buy a little extra just for fun and (2) I think I know what the guy means (don't use gas unless it is a necessity) but figured it was just another inartful Bushism that he is known for. Then I checked the official White House site and learned it was part of a prepared text. Edit: The first comment (inside) is proof that spam can even reach a blog. Sheeesh.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

SO BArry I guess you Love Bill, Liberals!please leave texas

Anonymous said...

I think you have been spammed

Condoleesa said...

He obviously isn't the shiniest apple on the tree but I in my heart think he means well and he isn't bright enough to be devious.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely promise George that I will not buy gas unless I absolutely have to. Let's see, I have to go to work, 50 miles away each day, times 2, upps, my husband the same.........I think I'll take a Sunday drive//////,maybe just to the gas station to fill up. Please.....did he really need to say that??

Anonymous said...

It was not a misprint or a misquote. Many people are filling cans with gas and topping off tanks in the belief gasoline will be much higher soon. That makes it a self fulfilling thing. Bush isn't the slow one on this!!!!

wizard said...

Bush is the slow one on everything.

comment4U said...

Good grief--you have most definitely been spammed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5 is correct. He was suggesting that there should not be hoarding of gas out of fear of spot shortages.

You dems just blow me away. You have accused Bush of everything except controlling the weather. (oh wait, RFK Jr. did that too.)

How's this for an idea. let's build a city in a 12 foot hole and surround it by water and for good measure locate it near one of the most active hurricane areas in the entire world. No need to worry that the pumping system was designed in the early 1900. No need to plan for the coming disaster. Why because the big Mac Daddy (the Feds) will have to come and rebuild in the very same place. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

You know, it doesn't matter how eloquent or ineloquent Bush speaks, if you don't like him, you will find fault in whatever he says or does. I don't always agree with him, but I do respect him and the office he holds. He he has gone through a lot with our country...9/11, Iraq and now Katrina...and I know that no matter how burdened he feels personally for our many will find fault and blame him for everything somehow. I just wish you people would take a step back and realize he is one person, one human being...and maybe, just maybe (God forbid) you could lift him up in prayer instead of being so critical because I don't think any of us would want his job right now...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you # 7

Anonymous said...

oops not # 7 but anon # 7 - I'm almost never on board with the Wizard.

Anonymous said...

The man doesn't drink, dance smoke, cuss, read the newspapers or watch any of the news programs like Fox of CNN. Why wouldn't he think that we would fill up our gas tanks for entertainment?