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A Real Life "Escape From New York"

Are there "good" looters and "bad" looters?


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. They are walking in swamp water with no place to live stealing Nike shoes??? Where the hell are they going to put these items that the stole? Other looters will come and steal from them and then someone is going to get shot.

Maybe we need to get out the people who want to get out and then finish knocking down the bridge that leads out of the city and let rest of them fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

They opportunistic jerks.

comment4U said...

Pathetic. Damned pathetic.

Anonymous said...

careful, its real easy to judge them but you never know what you would do. Me, well if some jerk had food and water and was selling and bartering it and I had nothing to barter, guess where I would be. Well I would be an opportunistic jerk. I do not condone stealing but you are not there, its real easy to look at these pictures from your desk in the a/c with a cup of coffee still smoking and say things like this, they have no water, no food, no electricity, and anything they had before today is gone. I scratch on their leg and they could be dead by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

you must not be a business owner.

instead of stealing, that same time can be use more productively. there is help everywhere INCLUDING shuttle buses to area relief centers were there is shelter, food AND free clothes

Anonymous said...

If I was a business owner I would have insurance and probably be sitting on the roof of my stuff with something more than a camera, provided I was not more worried about my own hide than my stuff.

Aside from that (and I mean this in the nicest way) are you nuts?

There is not help everywhere, when was the last time you saw a shuttle bus running in 4 feet of water. Help is coming but there is a lag and bottle neck now, everyone relaxed Monday afternoon when they said it missed N.O., then it caught us flat footed. They are still pulling people off roof tops, the refuges in the super dome are shooting at the rescuers, and seting what stuff they have left on fire. Give me a break and everyone else too. Aside from all of this how are these people getting their information. Do you think they just sat down and flipped on the dish network or clicked on They have no way of knowing what is really going on, how bad this is, or what or where they are supposed to go. I am empathy for them now that they are stuck but they are all idiots for not leaving when they were told to. REALLY THINK ABOUT BEING IN THEIR SITUATION FOR A MINUTE and then throw a house full of kids, a missing realative, a rotting body in the front yard, and the smell.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how some of you seem to have situtional ethics. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't depend on circumstances. I would not be stealing anyone else's property period. (I would have left when instructed, though)

It doesn't matter if you are tired of yelling kids or you whiff something that stinks. And unless you are a democrat looking for bad in every situation just because your people lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency because of tired old socialist policies that did not work for 40 years, you should have sense enough to know the government will handle the situation as soon as possible.

Those Nike jerseys are not loaves of bread. (Stealing bread would be wrong as well). It is a an integrity problem. And to me the true test of intergity is do you have it when things get difficult, not just when things are OK.

Some of the opinions expressed here make you wonder if you people could rationalize any behavior as OK if circumstances don't go the way you think they should. This kind of thinking is defended with that old "who are you to judge" thing.

That may be a bigger problem as the one we face in N. O.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

i think you are nuts, and i also mean that in the nicest way.
i can't beleive you condone stealing and are making excuses for them. obviously four feet of water does not stop them from stealing, so why cant they work there way to help in the same way.
they are stealing high-priced items,,,not bread and water.

Anonymous said...

I do not condone any action or rationalize the behavior or have situational ethics.

This is a jusgement issue, its easy to judge them when you are here and they are there. They will be judged when their time comes.

As a side note, if I was in N.O. and it was my store they would get their chance to be judged IMMEDIATLY, or drop what they had and run. I would give them a choice, 12 guage or 12 steps. WHATS IT GONNA BE?

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Who are you to judge, but then by me judging you on your right to judge then I am judging you which is what I am against.


I hope this clears it up for you.

Anonymous said...

That clears up nothing.

It doesn't matter where, or when or how I was feeling, or if things seem fair. Truth is truth absolutely. All the time.

An example: With your approach, I could have a fight with my wife and then go find someone who "understands" me and have an affair. My wife wasn't there (or even if she was)so she couldn't judge me and besides I was feeling down anyway. A little fling makes me feel better. She doesn't know how I feel anyway. NO!

In my beliefs, Adultery is wrong all the time. When things are good or when things are bad.
The circumstances or situation doesn't matter. Do good people makes mistakes? Yes, all the time. Is it wrong? Always. Is judgement certain? Yes. Am I the judge? No.

The issue is discernment. I think God will give us clarity about right and wrong if we study His Word. Does that make me a judge? Not really. I pray that he will give me wisdom to discern what is right. Otherwise, He would have given us the 10 suggestions to be applied according to the situation.

By the way, Were you quoting Clinton on purpose?

Anonymous said...

You know what I can't figure out? Why don't they just start walking out? Okay maybe it is 25-30 miles but that isn't much farther than a marathon. They are standing in nasty filthy water with no electricity and no food and instead they stay and steal shoes. Maybe they need shoes because theirs are wet. I could buy that if they waited to get where it was dry to put them on and walk out of there.

Condoleesa said...

You know everything there is ruined anyway. None of that stuff is gonna be salvagable after they get everyone out. Let them have it. The stores have probably already written the stuff off.

The ones that are shooting at helicopters and stealing cars are the ones you have to worry about.

Most people would donate money or food or clothes to these people because they lost everything and we bicker over whether or not they should take things. Seems kinda shallow.

Anonymous said...

Folks, we are watching humanity at it's lowest common denominator... shooting at helicopters trying to save dying people? Raping women in the Superdome? Shooting at ambulances and busses to try to hijack them? What must the Iraqis and countries who broadcast Al Jeezera think when they see this..."Boy we sure are glad America is "helping" us establish a democracy because we want a safe, free country like America... where is our federal goverment????
We are watching anarchy live on television.

mnm said...

Food for thought about right and wrong. I'm hoping not to offend anyone; I'm only hoping to offer a different view.

All ethics are situational in that they are defined by the perceptions of society. If legal ethics were not situational, then laws would never change. If moral ethics weren't situational we would still be burning amateur horticulturists as witches, and possibly even prosecuting those who kill: in self-defense, while protecting the lives of others, or during war.

As for stealing bread...It's just tough for me to say it would be stealing to take bread away from the mold and bacteria that will claim it long before the original purchaser.

In order to steal something, that "something" must be owned. If you think you own something, try taking it with you.

comment4U said...

Anonymous, if they're dead after a scratch, because they were cut stealing Nikes instead of helping the elderly get out of their homes, well, good riddance! And, the coffee isn't nearly as good when yes, I do realize that alot of people are hungry right now.

Anonymous said...

MnM sounds like Karl Marx. (not suprising on this blog)

Condoleesa: So its OK to steal stuff if we think it's covered by insurance or could be written off by some big corporation? I guess if some guy comes along and surveys your house and decides that you have more "stuff" than you need and makes a quick assumption that you have insurance and he's really desperate....

Integrity and character are not shallow issues. In fact, they are the problem. What we see are a lack of both. And evidently it's not confined to N. O.

Condoleesa said...

My point was is it stealing if it is already trash? No stealing isn't right and I don't condone it but let's face it, these people are stressed and not necessarily in their right minds. Granted some are and are doing it anyway.

Anonymous said...

My point is the determination of what is trash is in the sole discretion of the owner of the property. Not looters.

Now these thugs are burning their city. I guess you would think that's Ok too because the buildings might be damaged, maybe beyond repair.

It stresses me to think I live in a society where so many people don't know right from wrong. I guess we should not be suprised when pop culture glamourizes "gangsta" behavior that is all about cop killing and sticking it to "the man" Even in rural Wise County, kids listen to these idiot's so called music.

bigcatdaddy said...

This whole thing just goes to show that a disaster af this magnitude brings out the best AND the worst in some people. Unfortunately, its "the worst" in too many individuals.

mnm said...

lol....Thank you. Marx was intellegent, educated, and well versed....But I fail to see what my comments have to do with the plight of social reform for the common worker. The beauty of capitalism is I won't have to die in poverty like Marx....

Anonymous said...

These thugs are the same thugs that the N.O. police deal with on a daily basis. These are the same folks who have never worked an honest day in their life and NEVER will. They sit around griping about how wronged they are and wait on their government check to arrive. I agree with the person earlier. Get the good apples out and open the flood gates on these looters!

Condoleesa said...

All of you that are so quick to judge these people don't know them and haven't been in their situation. You could be right and could be wrong but you don't have all the facts and sure haven't lived thru what they have in the last several days. I am by no means a liberal but I think you have to cut people some slack sometimes and in the aftermath of a hurricane probably qualifies.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me when you ask the question: "What is the difference between right and wrong?"
I am sorry, you and I are not in New Orleans, or any of the other states affected-thank God. But, we have to keep in mind a couple of things:
Food is just now starting to show up in parts of the city--thanks to all of the dumbass morons that were shooting at convoys, they delayed food for people that really needed it.

Another thing is, well.. these people, some most then others have gone without food since before the hurricane hit. Before the hurricane hit, New Orleans had a 20% homeless rate (source: FEMA)
That is approx. 90,000 people already homeles--lawless, the ones who are the poorest of the poor. The rest were either evacuated, or could not afford-or had no means to get the hell out of New Orleans.
You are talking about 5 days without food, proper water, access to toilet facilities, showers. These people were desperate. I am sorry, I don't care how wrong it is. If I had to wait 5 freaking days for the government that I pay taxes to, deliver me water I would be going crazy as well. We can sit here all day, tomorrow and say the govt. should of done this. Yeah, we know already-it is pretty damn evident. But, what amazes me is the people that whine and complain that people are hungary? Yeah, looting is bad-stealing is bad. What the hell are you supposed to do if you don't have food? Eat each other? Watch the local Walmart's food aisle rot in the midst of all this chaos? Screw that-a matter of fact, Walmart noticed the looting as well, and ordered the front doors taken off the store in Algiera-N.O. (source: CNN LIVE)

Anonymous said...

The tone of your comments maks it clear that you have a lot of anger Why?

Is the salty language supposed to spur everyone to action or do you speak that way everyday.

If Wal-Mart says go ahead by all means go ahead. If not float yourself down the street and get a MRE. No one ever starved to death in 5 days and if they weren't injured they could have gotten food. I been to new Orleans. It's not that big. Is it tough? Yeah.
Do you have to sacrifice your character. No.

Anonymous said...

Anon #25, you act as if your the only one that has ever been to New Orleans. I have family down there-thank god they left a week before the hurricane hit. Yes, people do starve without food for 5 days. You probably have never had to witness, much less go through what these people are going through. Acting like they should just swim to downtown is not even logical any more. Your wrong about the size of New Orleans as well-it is very large. Apparently when you went you never left the tourist parts. New Orleans parish has a radius of 29 miles. Try swimming through complete sh*t to reach higher ground to get an MRE. I would love to see you try that.

Anonymous said...

If it is food and water, it is going to go bad anyway. But I don't think they should steal jewelery and things in that catagory.

Anonymous said...

people where told to leave. period. not the govs fault.
this is just an excuse for some to lie, cheat and steal and get away with it this time.