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Random Thought About God

As I watched the Hurricane Katrina devastation (and thought about those girls who just happened to be named "Katrina"), I had these thoughts about God: (1) God created and caused the disaster to occur (but why?), (2) God watches the world and intervenes when he wants to but chose not to stop Katrina, (3) God has no control over the world and simply watches Katrina do her stuff, or (4) There is no ...[An alternative that has been censored in the Bible Belt]


bigcatdaddy said...

Ok Barry, I think you are just trying to start stuff now. Its all good though!!!

Anonymous said...

the things I learn category wasn't a bit enough nest... or is this tommorows topic of choice...

lol you are such a troublemaker!

Anonymous said...

Just what the Blog needs. A lively discussion about religion, metaphysics, and existentialism!

Anonymous said...

The Apostle Paul said "for me to live is Christ but to die is gain"
Although most people (Christians included) do not want to die, if you accept (believe) Paul's teaching you would be better off in heaven.

As for those who lived, there will a lot of suffering and difficulty. Again Paul teaches
Romans 8:28-29 (The Message)

28That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.

29God knew what he was doing from the very beginning. He decided from the outset to shape the lives of those who love him along the same lines as the life of his Son. The Son stands first in the line of humanity he restored. We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in him.

comment4U said...

You got it, bigcatdaddy. Behave, Barry.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Blog is all about tossing a hand granade into a crowd and seeing what explodes. If you read the Blogmiester's comments you see that it is unclear what he really thinks. Bet he won't tell us either.

But he will be back later to toss again.

Anonymous said...

God has a tough job. There are no applicants qualifed to fill it.

Anonymous said...

Barry likes to stir it up but he's liberal, and thats says everything!

anony#4 romans 8:28 does not mean everyone! only those that are serving the Lord, if you have a relationship with the Lord and are serving Him, then and only then what you go through He will work it to your good! that vr is so missed quoted

Anonymous said...

I think God has a plan even if we can't always see it. Then again S*** Happens. Some good comes of most things even if there is lots of bad too. Maybe now we will beef up FEMA and get a wake up call for what could happen again. Maybe someone is being challenged by this and will learn a lesson that will save mankind someday. Bottom line is who knows.

Anonymous said...

Food For Thought:

(A) If there really is a "God", why does he allow such catastrophy to occur to his own people?

(B)Why does our government act so swiftly to go to legislation for one person "Terri Schiavo", and yet takes almost a week for a disaster that has displaced 1.3 million American citizens?

(C)What do you think about a government that has been aware of the underfunding of the construction of the levee in New Orleans? They have been aware of the sea level problems for over 100 years-why is it such a surprise now in 2005?

Anonymous said...

Gov? you build a city below sealevel? come on how smart can you be? and why is it the Gov faults and not the city?

the city has know this for years why didn't they do something about it?
There is a God 1.we live in the age of Grace not judgement2. there is a called sowing and reaping.

Grace said...

Jesus said in John 10:10 I have come to give you Life, but satan has come to steal, kill, destory.

So if Jesus came to give live, and the devil came to kill, steal, etc... why do we blame God for evil?

Grace said...

always remember this and it will keep you on the right track

1. GOD GOOD!!!!

2. devil bad!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was only asking questions. I never put anyone down in my questions-only I am trying to find out opinions from some of Wise Counties' citizens.
Anon #12, you ask How smart can I be? But, yet you recite religious literature after your statement. Thanks for being rude. Actually after 1950, there was nothing New Orleans could do as far as moving the city. If you look up current sea levels around the city, you will notice that as late as 1970 the city expanded north and west-both sides where the land was above sea level. Granted it is only above water, about 15 feet-but compared to the French Quarter there is a large difference. All I was pointing out, is that yes the city new it was below sea-level all this time, but what are they supposed to do? Randomly say ok citizens we need to move north? Not possible, especially during the 50's boom. The Federal Government even today could have done more-added extra protection to the levee. Bush was informed as early as 2 months ago as to the danger-but he passed it off the budget, so he could send troops to fight his war.
You never answered my question either. You said- "John 10:10 I have come to give you Life, but satan has come to steal, kill, destory"-that is a rather contradictory statement. If he has come to give life, why has he killed so many? Can you answer this question without a bible verse-and support it with fact based on concrete evidence, and not "evidence", based on different bible changes and hearsay for over a thousand years.

mnm said...

I like the way you think BSG, but I'll say none of the above.

Instead I'll ask,"Why prevent what must happen?"

"Disaster" is man's definition. Death is as natural as birth. No one escapes it. No person is taken before their time. When a person dies, it is their time.

Anonymous said...

If that is true, how come you can prevent death from happening? So you basically believe our lives are predertimined?

Anonymous said...

Anony #15 God does not kill!

Anonymous said...

anony #15 give us proof that God Kills?

Anonymous said...

Barry got the desired result from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon #11, You said Bush was informed as "early as 2 months ago" as to the danger of the levee. What was he supposed to accomplish in TWO months??!!! It's sooo easy for us to sit back and judge! I have to agree with why didn't the CITY do something to fix the levee?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7: The verse you cited is a direct quote of the verse. It is from The Message which is a parphrase version. I shared it to suggest that God is in control and works in ways that we do not and will not fully understand. I would agree with your interpretation but it was not misquoted. In fact it says exactly what you suggest. There will be good that comes from this.

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof that "God", does not kill? Don't give me this mumbo jumbo that "God", loves us, blah blah blah. Give an actual explanation. You say that he is our saviour, so does an actual "Saviour", kill his own people? Please explain for us liberal atheists.

Anonymous said...


mnm said...

Anon #17.
It depends on your perspective. BSG asked if God let it happen, etc. I tried to see it from God's perspective (not that I claim to know God well enough to speak for him....still I liked the thread enough to try).

But so far as I can tell you cannot truly prevent death because everyone dies (unless someone's not telling me something:-). When doctors treat life threatening injuries and the patients survive, we say that patient would have been a goner, and we believe the doctor saved his life, but the doctor only prolonged the time he has before death. Still no matter what treatments are given, no one lives forever.

So is destiny predetermined? Yes and No (it depends on perspective).
Predetermined is to determine, decide, or establish in advance. Time is relative even though we think of it as a constant. But it must be readily apparent as being relative to God because he can see the past, present, and future. So from God's perspective my death (for example) has already happened, is currently happening, and will happen. Some might say from God’s perspective that destiny is predetermined (I don’t really believe that because I don’t believe God sees time in the manner that we do. I believe God sees time in regard to all relativities. Think of time as being a point, not a line. And think about God seeing the future vs. predicting the future. To see something it must have occurred, otherwise it is a prediction). From God’s perspective I expect destiny is both predetermined and not predetermined at the same time. But from my perspective it is not predetermined because I haven’t the faintest idea as to when I will be checking out of this world. Although my death has already occurred, it hasn’t occurred in the time relative to me.

Regardless of the perception of predetermined destiny, I have never heard of anyone still around who has been living on this earth since man first appeared (death is inescapable).

It’s a tough concept, I know. I spend entirely too much time thinking about this sort of thing…lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you, your explanation makes more sense. Now, I will shutup. lol..

Anonymous said...

The Sovereign is not used in the king james bible! Religion has resulted in the invetion of a new meaning ( or the word sovereign which basically means God controls everything) that nothing can happen but what He allows, or wills.
however there is nothing in the actual definition of the word sovereign that states that.

2 Peter 3:9 says the Lord is NOT willing that anyone should perish, but that all come to repentance( meaning to accept what Jesus did on the cross)it's not the Lord's will that anyone should perish, but people are perishing. Matthew 7:13 says the gate is wide and many go through it,to hell, relatively few people are saved compared to the number that are lost

So God's will for people concering salvation is not being accomplished. Why because God gives us freedom to choose He doesn't will anyone to hell

He paid for the sins of the whole world, but we must choose to put our faith in Jesus and receive His free gift of salvation

It's the free will of that damn's them not God! God has a perfect plan for every persons life Jer 29:11

He has told us what the right choices are. Dt 30:19

but He doesn't makes those choices for us, God gives us the power to control our desting

Now God DID put sickness and plagues on people in the Old Testament! that was curses, and not blessings

But in the New Testament Jesus bore our curse for us ( Gal 3:12)
The Lord would no more put sickness cancer ect.. on a New Testament believer that He would make us to commit sin!

God is not the author of our problems, any problems in your life are from the devil, or from your own making.

God is sovereign in the sense that He is supreme, there is no one higher in authority and in power

but that does not mean He exercises His power by controlling everything, or everyone

In many instances it is our wrong choices that bring disater upon us, in other cases our problems are nothing but an attack from the devil

in some cases natural forces of an imperfect world can cause pain, but OUR TRAGEDIES ARE NEVER THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD! OR THE CORRECTON OF GOD!


Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say is tell that to those douche bags at:
They are glad Katrina came into New Orleans.. I am scratching my head on this whole issue.

Anonymous said...

You know, you have a point Anon #28. I support free speech entirely, I am a journalist. But the tone-and message of hate in disguise of a religious stigma. Here is a brief quote from their site about Katrina-just visit the link above and click on Katrina link, it will take you to this worthless pile of crap.

Pray for more American bodies blown to smithereens by cheap home made Iraqi IEDs - like the IED America bombed WBC with August 20, 1995, hoping thereby to terrorize us into silence about America's fag sins.

Anonymous said...

Well there is always a few bad apples in every bunch, I can tell you the christians that have a relationship with there Father God, they DO NOT HATE PEOPLE THAT SIN, THEY HATE THE SIN BUT LOVE THE SINNER. ( which is by the way a small group of people that are really christians)

Anonymous said...

Let me explain it as best I as can, I am a father of 2, I love my kids i would die for my kids i do not wish any, evil, sickness or anything else bad on my 2 kids! the bible says that we People being evil in nature (untill we get bornagain)do good for our kids how much more does our father in heaven loves us! do you get the point?

God doesn't want anything bad to happen to His children! but if my children do what they want to disobey the laws etc... bad things happens to them, even though i do not want it to, but they made their choice. get it?