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Things I Have Learned From "The Blog"

Hot topics: Gays, the confederate flag, "Sissies", and teenage heat exhaustion. I've learned that there are some "commentors" that have a heck of a sense of humor and some that scare me a bit. I'm surprised by the number of people that read this. And I feel and odd pressure to post something every day even when I'm really busy or simply don't want to. I still hear from people that are mad that I haven't updated "The Muse" in a while. I've finally developed a thick skin (after years of having an onion thick skin).


comment4U said...

Rolling my eyes, while ;-)'ing and smiling.

Anonymous said...

A couple things I have learned/wondered while reading Barrys' blog:

1. Wise Countians care more about mascots than a hurricane that has killed presumably hundreds upon hundreds of people.

2. Wise Countians are worried more about the price of gas, rather than what has caused the gas prices to go up.

3. Wise Countians think a "gay" quote on a Starbucks coffee cup is revolting.

4. Decaturites seem to believe "everything", they are being told by the Economic Development Corporation. Do you believe "everything", said by Bush as well? Just wondering...

5. Something I have wondered while this Hurricane has come by. Didn't we give $400 million or so to those earthquake victims in Asia? I guess I am confused.. New Orleans at 5 p.m. today was 80% flooded.. Tonight at 10:40 p.m. it is now 96% flooded and rising. An entire city (1.5 million places of residence/businesses) is under water-where is the International Aide?

bigcatdaddy said...
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bigcatdaddy said...

A few things I have learned from Barry's Blog:

1. Some, not all, Wise Countians need to venture out of the county more often. I know a few who are actually pretty good about it.

2. Some Wise Countians need to learn that being "progressive" is not necessarily a bad thing. Just remember, the opposite of "progressive" is "regressive."

3. Some Wise Countians need not worry so damn much about their school mascots, perhaps they should leave it up to the students to decide.

4. I like the way Barry thinks...a lot. Wise County could use a few more native folks like himself who are just as well educated and well informed.

miz.gina said...

You know... We Wise countains come to this site for FUN! We joke here, we laugh here, and yes we spar here.

We are educated, decent, God fearing, country loving people, who have a good sense of right and wrong.

If you think that we are unaware and do not take seriously the events of the world then you are being seriously fooled.

We do love our football, we do think that there are things that we can live with out. We do still see the line that seperates right and wrong. We also know that not everything that is persented to us as a good thing is progress!

I do not know who you people are or where you are from but you are either underestimating the citizens here or you have no sense of humor.

I normaly sign in anonymously in the spirit of fun... but today I will sign in openly.

Anonymous said...

Gina: You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon #1,I would suspect it would take longer than 48 hours for the international community to gather aid. ( It took us months)

The gay quote is revolting.

How do you know how people around here feel about the hurricane? How can you assume they don't care?

You may be right about the EDC but why would you assume any connection between people's view of the EDC and Bush. Although I find Bush to be quite straightforward in his comments I don't accept 100% of what anyone

The price of gas is based on supply and demand (you will learn more about that in the weeks to come. Supply is not keeping up with demand. (reports this morning indicate rationing of deliveries on the East Coast)

Anonymous said...

I have learned that Wise County has more liberals here then the elections show. I sure don't know why people keep changing parties around here. If you read this blog you would think everyone in Decatur was gay!

bigcatdaddy said...

In response to Miz.Gina. I grew up in Wise County and moved away, and frankly, I'm glad I did. I have a lot of good memories from growing up, but Wise County isn't going anywhere quick. Yeah, go ahead, say how fast Decatur is growing, but, its still not anything special. Decatur has so much potential to be a tourist attraction, but nothing has been done to promote this. The square is dying, the Waggoner Mansion is falling apart, and the main street project is a joke.

Yeah, some Wise County residents are educated (college...high school doesn't count), but most people who leave Wise County to go to college don't return. I used to think Wise County was the greatest place in the world, but that's because I grew up there and had not really been exposed to anything else.

I do not mean to slam the county, its not a bad or evil place, but I just feel that those who stick up for it so passionately don't know any better.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%
-Mean Green Proud

miz.gina said...

To quote you:
I do not mean to slam the county, its not a bad or evil place, but I just feel that those who stick up for it so passionately don't know any better.

I don't know any better? Why do you think that? Because my beliefs do not echo yours? You act as it we just crawled out of the caves.

You are more enlightened than we are because you left and came back? Some of us actually left here and came back with ..... shocking I know... the same beliefs we had when we left.

Just because you leave and are presented with new ideas does not make them better ideas.

Oh and you know what .... I do know better 4 years at NYU! I just don't think that the "big World out there" has all the answers.

Educated AND passionate? you bet you your rear!

Anonymous said...

Barry, I think your blog is mostly hysterical and that hopefully most people don't really take everything as seriously as some seem to. I agree some have a great sense of humor and I really enjoy reading it. Some are scary but hopefully they are jesting.

Anonymous said...

But, I really did mean those girls were wussies.

trappedinchico said...

bigcatdaddy hit the nail on the head. Decatur is becoming just another bland and soulless suburb. Lowe's will kill off the hardware stores in the county. Chili's will kill off most of the restaurants. We'll be left with cookie-cutter stores, and the rest isn't far behind.

I seriously regret the choice I made to move out here. I used to come to the LBJ National Grasslands as a child with my father, and that is what I remember of Decatur. Well, I didn't realize I was wearing rose-colored glasses when I was looking at Wise County as a potential home.

I purchased a home, and I was screwed every step of the way. It is amusing that Wise County people say they dislike gays, because they sure like to bend people over and go at them without lube. People here sure do love nepotism and favoritism, too.

My house (and land) flood. It was not disclosed by the seller, realtor, or neighbors. Despite repeated attempts, I receive no assistance from the city. They sure do take my tax money with no problems.

Now I will not sell my home because I do not feel right hoisting this swamp onto somebody else. No matter how honest I am, it would come back to bite me later.

The drivers here are just as bad as any Dallas suburb. The commercial drivers commit criminal acts everyday and DPS or any other law enforcement agency don't care.

It is amusing people here always are quick to lambast D/FW, but they are closer in mindset to the "metromess" than they will ever know. Wallow in your smugness, for that is all you have.

wizard said...

Barry's blog indicates a true melting pot of all beliefs, biases, opinions, and positions. I just wish people could a)identify a "grenade" when they see one, and b) remembered more history of events of the last 50 years.

wizard said...

But Halp, you miss the point. We aren't smug because that's the way we've always been. We have become that way from all of the folk from NY,PA,NJ,MN,VA,WI,MA etc. metropolitan areas coming here via the "metromess" to try and tell us how and why the way we have conducted ourselvers and our affairs is wrong, and that we should be doing things the way "they" did where they came from. And it has been 40 - 50 years in the making. You never knew the time you could walk in the Decatur FNB or the Bridgeport FNB and borrow money on your good name because people knew who you were and knew you were good for it. The folks that bent you over w/o lube?; they are the "new" Wise County that beat you here by about 10 - 20 years. Do you know why you are not allowed to indiscriminatly hunt and shoot on the grasslands? Because people from the "metromess" once came here literally be the hundreds on weekends shooting so much it sounded like a war zone between Decatur, Alvord, and Greenwood. The WCM once ran a picture of an old, old oak tree next to road that had been shot so many times, it had been killed by the damage. The point is, this county has and always has had it faults and problems like any other place, but those that did you in are the "new" breed, or for the most part have been changed by the changes that have occured in the last 40 - 50 years. Just my take, but I have lived here off and on for all that time, and those are facts as I see them.

Anonymous said...

What about "The Muse"??????

trappedinchico said...

wizard, you're close. I used to say the same thing about people who moved into Irving (where I was born and grew up). Then I realized if I was letting other people change the way I view things, then they probably weren't all that great to begin with. Keeping these cliques and excluding other people will just result in the dying out of the old ways.

A culture that cannot withstand the onslaught of new people isn't very strong.

The people who sold me the house are/were (they live in Sunset now) lifelong Wise County residents. My neighbors are, too. You're still correct though, they're in their thirties and forties.

I did not know that about the Grasslands. Honestly I have not been there since I moved out here. I never really hunted while I was there as a kid, I just enjoyed the time with my dad. Hiking was more my thing. Plus, I'm a terrible shot.

I have to live with my mistake, and I will try to make the best of it because I have three children and don't want them treated like I am. But I will not play the childish games people play out here. I will not compromise myself.

Something I have noticed is there seems to be a lot of apathy here. Chico is rampant with it. I came out here interested in participating in a community. Now I've changed seeing he way this town behaves.

Anonymous said...

i think if your gonna get on here and complain about wise county, you might as well live here...if you've got such a problem with wise county, stay away...

bigcatdaddy said...

I think that even though I no longer live in Wise County I still have the right to speak my mind. I believe that I earned that right by spending the first 25 years of my life there. I'm not a "hater". I just wish things were in better shape out there. It just seems like things don't change much.

trappedinchico said...

As I've said before, I do live in Wise County. Chico to be exact.

And I've love to leave, but I can't sell my house with a good conscience. Want to buy it? I'll throw in the scuba gear for free.

bigcatdaddy said...

No thanx, Halp, but I appreciate the offer, I had a heck of a time selling mine when I left.

Anonymous said...

We moved to Decatur four years ago. It's a nice enough town, and just like all, it has its good and bad points. One of the first people we meant that wasn't involved in the selling of our house (as the one poster pointed out, they are not always completely honest) was the locksmith to change the locks. He said welcome to Wise county but I will let you know you are a transplant and always will be. He said he had lived here twenty years and he was still one. The sad thing he was/is right.

Anonymous said...

Halp, I think the fault lies with the title insurance [and the owners for not disclosing], they should have made you get flood insurance. I would check on that if you haven't already. I would much rather raise my children in Wise County where they can play outside with a smaller chance of becoming a victim of crime. I also would like to urge you[if you haven't already] to become active in the community. I have found that you get out of it what you put into it.

Anonymous said...

I think Bigcatdaddy is hostile & mean & has way too much time on his hands.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that I am going to choose to stay anonymous - but bust on the practice at the same time. I for one have not said anything that I wouldn't say to anyone - face to face in a conversation. If I wouldn't say it to your face - I'm not going to type it on here. I wonder if some of the very mean things that are put in type would be there - if we knew who you were. If so- you probably don't have a whole lot of friends.

Anonymous said...

i thought your blog replaced the muse...i much prefer this...there was many a day that i read the muse, while drinking my sermon-free starkbucks and imagining what i could possible invent to prevent rapes, maim a grown man, and earn a dubious fortune while still getting to dress as my favorite school mascot...and felt the need to respond...i often wasted a work-day minute imagining a witty response or two about yet another inaccurate article in the WCM or another questionable lack of statements from school administrators over athleteics and academics and athletcis...and now that the muse has morphed to the blog, i have just the forum i need to express my inner child that the proverbial floodgate has opened, blog on.