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Stating The Obvious

I just watched ABC's World News Tonight (without Peter Jennings) - I record it every day. Anyway, I finally saw the "day after" effects of Hurricane Katrina. The damage is astonishing. New Orleans is under water and the coastal portion of Mississipi has been blown away.

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Condoleesa said...

It is heartbreaking. I hate the way it makes me feel. I feel like I need to go help but know realistically that even if I did go they might not want my help. I am frustrated that we haven't handled this better. I want them to get those people out and get them all to safety. I don't want to watch the degradation of society that has happened there. I think it was there all the time we just didn't see it and it wasn't as rampant. It makes me very sad. After putting a man on the moon and being able to clone animals we still become animals when put in stressful situations.