Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The only reality show I feel good about the Family Unit watching is Lifetime's Child Genius.
  • The Supreme Court yesterday stopped the execution of a man convicted of killing four men in an airplane hanger in Grayson County.  I could have sworn the case was featured in either the Dallas Observer or Fort Worth Weekly because it does have a very "are we sure he did it?" feel. But I can't find any article in either of the two.  
  • Speaking of true crime, there is a rumor floating around that the next Serial series will feature a Texas case. That Grayson County case could be it. But I'd love it if it featured Darlie Routier. 
  • "All these people saying [the pass play by Seattle] was the  worst call ever, they’re idiots. Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences." -- Mark Cuban. What the heck does that last sentence mean? Also, if you want a giggle, just Google "Mark Cuban gives advice" and see how often he gives advice to people in a situation where he can't suffer the consequences for being wrong.  
  • Fox 4's Steve Eager in a very weird "Viewer's Voice After Dark" filmed with a cell phone at his house after midnight. (The guy seems pretty normal on the air but his Twitter feed is very Sean Hannity-like.) 
  • Every now and then you'll hear the rumor that Disney wants to build a theme park near the metroplex and that Wise County has been targeted.  The Dallas Morning News has a story today about a guy accused of scamming millions of dollars from duped investors when he floated the same idea for Denton and Grayson County. (The link is worth clicking on just to see a pic of the 40 year old schmuck.)
  • The new narrative: The accused killer of Chris Kyle wasn't a good soldier suffering from PTSD but instead he was a Muslim sympathizer. Sheesh. Anything to fit an Islamophobe storyline. (You can Google it but you might want to look at the name of any site which makes that claim. Hint: It's probably very, very, very Right Wing.)
  • Prediction: NBC's Brian Williams survives this.  I think we've entered a new day where you can simply ride out negative publicity if your willing to. (See Roger Goodell.)
  • "I tried to activate my glutes best I could." - Tiger Woods after withdrawing from yet another golf tournament yesterday. (People have been joking about his "glutes not firing" but it apparently is a common term in the health nut community.)
  • And there's a crazy video of a spectator (?) who just hopped on the back of Tiger's golf cart for a few seconds as he was leaving the course. There has to be more to that story. 
  • Radio Shack seems like it had been on life support for over a decade. In January 2006 they announced they missed their quarterly estimates, and I wrote then that they might want to think about changing the name of the company.