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Tarrant County Constitutional Carry Strikes Again

Kory Watkins, leader of Open Carry Tarrant County, posted this video to his personal profile Facebook page on the morning of 2/4/15 then removed it 30 minutes later.

He really got geared up at 1:58 when he possibly threatened Texas legislators with the death penalty for treason if he doesn't get his way. He also makes it very clear that his group won't remain peaceful (if you can call them that) in the future if a full carry-a-gun-anywhere-without-a-license law is not passed. 


Anonymous said...

if obamma had a son

Anonymous said...

Wow Barry, wished you hadn't put that up. Now I won't be able to get any rest, or go out into public for fear that that clown or one of his buddies are out there. Better batten down the hatches as the old saying goes. Just have 911 on speed dial and wait for the response if you need assistance.
Did your testicles ever drop, or are they still ascended?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Always nice when D-Bags ID themselves for everyone.

Anonymous said...

He might find more folks willing to listen to his proposal if he ditched that stupid hat. Whoever told him that it was a good look lied to him.

DF Peter Brothers Hatters

Anonymous said...

I think he is a relative of the Alvord Gun-nut who wants to run for school board.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Mr. Mike Honcho.

Who said anyone was scared?

Anonymous said...

He needs to lay off the weed for a while.

Anonymous said...

"Dude. Get off my side!"

--99.8% of pro-2nd Amendment Texans.

Anonymous said...

Christian extremists!

I'm pro 2nd amendment. That whole group is effing crazy.


Anonymous said...

I bet this idiot owns several guns of different caliber and size, has a concealed permit and regularly hunts and target shoots. So exactly how are his 2nd amendment rights being trampled?

Anonymous said...

0451 - I'm thinking his following is actually less than 0.005% of pro-2A supporters. He is an outlier.

OC, of some sort, would be a shoo-in in this year's lege session, but with this guy's antics, it may be totally derailed. Which of course begs the question - is he really on the side of 2A supporters.

I've seen lots of news and youtube video of him being an ass, none of him actually hunting or target shooting. My instinct tells me he's a fake.