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Insert A Witty Headline Using The Name Franz Klammer

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) – A person who was being towed on skis on the snowy roads of metro Detroit was captured on camera during 7 Action News at 11 on Sunday night.  Action News anchors were on the phone with Warren Mayor Jim Fouts to talk about roads, when the skier appeared.  ”It’s horrendous, and that person will certainly get a ticket,” said Fouts. “I wish there was a police officer in that area.”  Mayor Fouts got his wish.  The skier was near 10 Mile and Lahser in Southfield when police spotted him and subsequently pulled the driver and skier over to the side of the road.  ”That’s treacherous and foolhardy,” added Fouts as the skier was getting questioned on live television. 

OK, not the funniest thing in the world, but it is worth a pretty big smile when that guy just blows past the reporter's car in the beginning. Just living the dream. (Cops show up to ruin the fun around 1:40 or so).

And, honestly, I think I have a great understanding of the traffic laws, but I have no idea off the top of my head whether that is illegal in Texas. I'm guessing it is because, after all, what isn't against the law in Texas?

But I can presume the statute of limitations has passed so my buddies and I can't be charged for being towed in a makeshift sled behind a truck on Pleasant View Road over in Bridgeport back in the day. We even figured out that we could slide into the ditch and ride there will running over a bunch of high weeds caked in ice. And if I remember correctly, one of my friend's dad was driving the truck.  Oh, the good ol' days.