Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Jordan, not messing around, executed two Iraqi jihadists by hanging them in retaliation for the burning of the Jordanian pilot yesterday by ISIS.
  • You guy's realize that pilot was a Muslim, right? That caveman "let's nuke 'em all" mentality might, just might, be a little simplistic.
  • But not for WBAP's Hal Jay this morning who said multiple times that we needed lots of "big bombs" to be dropped "over there" regardless of the amount of "collateral damage." You hear that "let's make it a parking lot" statement all the time, but I had always hoped people really didn't mean it. If you do, you wouldn't have mind blowing up the Jordanian pilot as you bombed his executioners, you wouldn't mind killing 20 innocent guys who had a gun to the back of their heads in a mass execution as shown on Frontline just to kill the gunmen, and you wouldn't mind killing the gay guy who was thrown off the building just to kill those throwing him off.  
  • And not to go all Ron Paul on you, but dropping bombs, invading countries, supplying arms, and -- yes-- killing with drones just seems to make those "over there" who we really have to fear come back stronger and more vicious. Is there such a thing as a Lernaean Hydra Effect?
  • One of the weirdest things to me is that I can't turn on Fox News or conservative talk radio without them yelling about the Administration not using the term "Islamic extremists".  To quote the most likely next President, "What difference does it make?"
  • I missed the news that long time and respected prosecutor Christi Jack has left the Tarrant County DA's office after 23 years.
  • I wonder if the atmosphere of the Tarrant County DA's office is anything like that of  The Devil Wears Prada since new DA Sharen Wilson has taken over? (If you ever see her in full Sharen Wilson mode as a judge, you are smiling right now -- unless, I suspect, you are one of the current prosecutors in her office.)
  • I'm almost scared to reference that crazy Randy Quaid homemade video from yesterday. (Google at your own risk.) But if I had posted it, I probably would have relieved the tension with a "Get me that dog!" title.
  • I follow a lot of college football related Twitter accounts but I'm now rethinking that on this morning of high school signing day.  My twitter feed is blowing up with news of things Billy Bob Knucklehead signing with Slippery Rock.
  • I take that last bullet point back. Highly recruited running back Soso Jamabo just tweeted: "Officially Committed...Asian Girls Everywhere...UCLA".  There's entertainment after all. 
  • Everyone is jumping on Lance Armstrong for having his girlfriend lie to the cops about striking to parked cars in Aspen. Hey, the girlfriend immediately contacted the owners, let them know what happened, and told them they would pay for the damage. Heck, so long as they do that, I don't care if they tell the cops that a space alien took control of the car. 
  • I would have thought the ISIS execution would dominate the New York tabloids but last night's train crash trumped world affairs.