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Get Me These . . . . Animals!!!!


CT said...

Omg, this is greatness!

Question-who sang the song featured here?

Roger Miller, also of "King of The Road" fame.

sparkerr said...


Anonymous said...

I love videos like this. They help me forget that terrorists are in Iraq beheading 8 and 9 year old Christian girls and boys because they refuse to embrace Islam - the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't these animals look better with bullet holes in their heads and with their legs flailing in a last gasp for life after they've been shot by a skilled "hunter" for no reason? Isn't that how we think in these here parts?

Anonymous said...

Embrace, tolerate, and celebrate differences.

As long as the differences aren't male, white, Christian, or heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

I'm only 16 but I've noticed that Mcdonalds, T-Mobile, Android and other companies that target blacks typically have a "we are all different" theme.

Or am I just not seeing this correct?