Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This will be very Super Bowl free. I watched it. It was great. Halftime was great. The commercials were great. Everyone will talk about it. The NFL will get richer.  However, did you know the guy who made the last second interception was paid $420,000 this year? The NFL, on the other hand, collectively made $10 billion. 
  • I saw the headline but didn't read the amazing editorial in the Dallas Morning News on Friday. It concerned the embarrassment that was the interference with Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin last week: Excerpt; "Her diatribe created a Lone Star YouTube moment that affirms the worst stereotypes about Texas -- that we’re a bunch of slack-eye cousins to the backwater creatures of Deliverance. Tell your in-laws in New York that we’re not all hateful, hayseed, redneck, ignorant Bubbas. Yes, we do have hateful, hayseed, redneck ignorant Bubbas in Texas. YouTube doesn’t lie." No punches pulled there from the most conservative big city paper in the state.
  • Here's the you tube moment it referred to. To quote the Ticket's Bob Sturm, "You can just feel the love of Jesus coming through."
  • As reported here first by the hardest working man in show business (me), it looks like we had a couple of suspensions in the Bridgeport High School basketball program.
  • New governor Greg Abbott has declared today "Chris Kyle Day" otherwise knows as "There Sure Are A Lot Of People Liking That Movie So How Can I Pander To The Masses Day".
  • What other elected official would do such pandering? Certainly, no one would go to Kyle's grave site yesterday and post a picture of it, would they? (For those who don't want to click on the link, it's that goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge,)
  • Former Dallas DA Craig Watkins sent out an email to his supporters asking for DWI clients. That embarrassing act of begging is a long way from being the champion of those wrongfully convicted. (Oh, and we learned his office as DA used the "civil forfeiture" laws to take a guy's truck who stole two cases of beer. I'm guessing it was a default judgment because the guy didn't know he had to file a written answer.)
  • I'll have a guy comment every now and then who says, "You stole that off Reddit!" Dude, I can't remember the last time I went to that site. You ever heard of Twitter ? It's something that adults follow.  It's like a modern day UPI Teletype (look it up) for everything if you know how to use it.
  • An (extreme) Tea Party rookie Texas legislator Tony Tinderholt has filed his first bill which would only allow DPS to take a scan of your thumbprints instead of all ten fingers at the time of obtaining/renewing a driver's license. (I didn't know they did that.) I don't have a problem with the bill, but I don't understand how he claims that is keeping his campaign promise of government "transparency". (Link also shows his "Hey, now" wife.)
  • Big head-on wreck on FM 51 on Saturday between Slidell and Decatur. Odd that both cars were occupied by Weatherford residents.
  • I finally watched my DVR'd Night Will Fall about the liberation of Auschwitz.  The documentary was average at best. The footage, however, was horrifying. I looked away several times.
  • I also watched Flight over the weekend. You know, the movie where Denzel Washington plays a drunk pilot who flies a defective jet airliner upside down to save the passengers? Verdict: Pretty dang entertaining, a hokey ending, and an excellent depiction of the life of an alcoholic. Spoiler alert: No way he's being convicted for what happened due to the legal requirement of "causation."
  • A Fort Worth police officer was shot last week and the city's worker's comp rep (who works for an independent contractor named CorVel Enterprise Comp) showed up at the hospital to ask questions. That pissed off the Mayor who fired off a letter which basically says, "Come to my office".  Research reveals that the Fort Worth Weekly had a scathing article about the company in 2013.
  • Here's a chart on the deadliest drugs in America. Spoiler: You can go out and by #1 and #2 in Wise County today. The third one will require you to go to your doctor and complain about pain.
  • There are going to be so many people run for the Republican nomination. I cannot wait. Example: Probable presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee doesn't approve of the gay lifestyle but he "doesn't shut them out" of his life just like he doesn't shut people out who drink or use profanity.
  • Former SMU Law School dean was arrested for prostitution. Hey, unless you are picking up a hooker off the street in a sting operation, it is next to impossible to get arrested for prostitution.