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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This will be very Super Bowl free. I watched it. It was great. Halftime was great. The commercials were great. Everyone will talk about it. The NFL will get richer.  However, did you know the guy who made the last second interception was paid $420,000 this year? The NFL, on the other hand, collectively made $10 billion. 
  • I saw the headline but didn't read the amazing editorial in the Dallas Morning News on Friday. It concerned the embarrassment that was the interference with Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin last week: Excerpt; "Her diatribe created a Lone Star YouTube moment that affirms the worst stereotypes about Texas -- that we’re a bunch of slack-eye cousins to the backwater creatures of Deliverance. Tell your in-laws in New York that we’re not all hateful, hayseed, redneck, ignorant Bubbas. Yes, we do have hateful, hayseed, redneck ignorant Bubbas in Texas. YouTube doesn’t lie." No punches pulled there from the most conservative big city paper in the state.
  • Here's the you tube moment it referred to. To quote the Ticket's Bob Sturm, "You can just feel the love of Jesus coming through."
  • As reported here first by the hardest working man in show business (me), it looks like we had a couple of suspensions in the Bridgeport High School basketball program.
  • New governor Greg Abbott has declared today "Chris Kyle Day" otherwise knows as "There Sure Are A Lot Of People Liking That Movie So How Can I Pander To The Masses Day".
  • What other elected official would do such pandering? Certainly, no one would go to Kyle's grave site yesterday and post a picture of it, would they? (For those who don't want to click on the link, it's that goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge,)
  • Former Dallas DA Craig Watkins sent out an email to his supporters asking for DWI clients. That embarrassing act of begging is a long way from being the champion of those wrongfully convicted. (Oh, and we learned his office as DA used the "civil forfeiture" laws to take a guy's truck who stole two cases of beer. I'm guessing it was a default judgment because the guy didn't know he had to file a written answer.)
  • I'll have a guy comment every now and then who says, "You stole that off Reddit!" Dude, I can't remember the last time I went to that site. You ever heard of Twitter ? It's something that adults follow.  It's like a modern day UPI Teletype (look it up) for everything if you know how to use it.
  • An (extreme) Tea Party rookie Texas legislator Tony Tinderholt has filed his first bill which would only allow DPS to take a scan of your thumbprints instead of all ten fingers at the time of obtaining/renewing a driver's license. (I didn't know they did that.) I don't have a problem with the bill, but I don't understand how he claims that is keeping his campaign promise of government "transparency". (Link also shows his "Hey, now" wife.)
  • Big head-on wreck on FM 51 on Saturday between Slidell and Decatur. Odd that both cars were occupied by Weatherford residents.
  • I finally watched my DVR'd Night Will Fall about the liberation of Auschwitz.  The documentary was average at best. The footage, however, was horrifying. I looked away several times.
  • I also watched Flight over the weekend. You know, the movie where Denzel Washington plays a drunk pilot who flies a defective jet airliner upside down to save the passengers? Verdict: Pretty dang entertaining, a hokey ending, and an excellent depiction of the life of an alcoholic. Spoiler alert: No way he's being convicted for what happened due to the legal requirement of "causation."
  • A Fort Worth police officer was shot last week and the city's worker's comp rep (who works for an independent contractor named CorVel Enterprise Comp) showed up at the hospital to ask questions. That pissed off the Mayor who fired off a letter which basically says, "Come to my office".  Research reveals that the Fort Worth Weekly had a scathing article about the company in 2013.
  • Here's a chart on the deadliest drugs in America. Spoiler: You can go out and by #1 and #2 in Wise County today. The third one will require you to go to your doctor and complain about pain.
  • There are going to be so many people run for the Republican nomination. I cannot wait. Example: Probable presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee doesn't approve of the gay lifestyle but he "doesn't shut them out" of his life just like he doesn't shut people out who drink or use profanity.
  • Former SMU Law School dean was arrested for prostitution. Hey, unless you are picking up a hooker off the street in a sting operation, it is next to impossible to get arrested for prostitution. 


Anonymous said...

Barry respects Islam but has contempt for Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do have hateful, hayseed, redneck ignorant Bubbas in Texas.

Barry, please stop referring to Wordkyle in your Random Thoughts. It's giving him a big head.

SpanishWarDonkey said...


If you saw it on Twitter it probably got posted to Reddit 6 hours before

And I love that link showing marijuana has caused zero deaths. It cracks me up its still illegal.

Anonymous said...

You can go out and by?

BUY, you illiterate dork.

Anonymous said...

Going from being a law school dean to picking up street hookers is a steep slide downhill. Did he never hear of dating?

Katy Anders said...

It's nice that the blonde in the picture is spending some quality time with her mother.

Anonymous said...

BG, you seem to have a real problem with the idea of capitalism, people making money, etc.

As long as people are paying top dollar for tickets then that is the free market at work. No one forces people to buy tickets.

Taxpayers, meanwhile, are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money for stupid, useless stuff against their will everyday.

If making money is so bad, BG, then I presume you give away 75 percent of your salary to charity and spend the rest on life's essentials?

Like vacationing in Las Vegas or Latin America?

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to pretend that the woman on the left ain't wearing her bikini bottom😄

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll tell all those sophisticated, open-minded New Yorkers who went nuts over the planned Muslim chapel near the World Trade Center that we here in Texas are not all crazy, Muslim hating hicks.

Anonymous said...

Suspensions are automatic until they collect information and make a decision. Then appeals can be made if necessary.

There should be some punishment involved if nothing else for stupidity but nothing to the extent that would effect a kids future. By the way there are more than basketball players involved.

And much worse goes on at every school in this county each day of the week.

Anonymous said...

On recent cruise, repeated comments like "You aren't what we expected for someone from Texas."

Our politicians are giving all of us a bad rep. Ok, some of us.

Triple Fake... said...

On the Ticket a while ago, they said that the Super Bowl ads are now being geared more toward women, since they are a growing portion of the audience. Uhh, yeah, because the ads are what they watch. The guys are gonna watch the game regardless, but the women wouldn't watch unless something else draws their interest.
Here's my take on SB watching: if there were no guys around, the women would record the game and zip through it to watch the ads. If they're watching with their guys, they talk to each other non-stop and start paying attention when the guys have some kind of reaction to what's happening during the game. And at least one woman will say "Ooh, show it again!" Trust me, if it causes every guy to groan or cheer, it's gonna be shown again, probably in slow motion and from different angles.
But, you get great food, instead of just a bag of chips and a jar of cheese dip. Plus you can have fun with an infant.

"Hey, you're a baby, right? You like doing all that baby stuff and things? It's a simple yes or no answer, don't jerk me around here, baby.
Well, it was good talkin' to ya. Say hi to your mother for me."

Triple Fake Andy Samberg doing Fake Mark Wahlberg

Anonymous said...

"Former Dallas DA Craig Watkins sent out an email to his supporters asking for DWI clients...."

DUI law must be pretty easy if that idiot thinks he can do it

Anonymous said...

...If making money is so bad, BG, then I presume you give away 75 percent of your salary to charity and spend the rest on life's essentials?

Barry is very charitable in so many ways...he just doesn't want to bring any attention to himself

Anonymous said...

I hope you meant "solicitation of prostitution". To have been arrested for "prostitution" he would have had to be caught pimping HIMSELF out.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of worth to the public in the free market and capitalism reeks --and is exuded like a heavily curry spiced, Paki in a tight elevator.
How's that for hayseed?

Anonymous said...

hey einstein it's "buy"...jeez you couldn't spell a 3 letter word if we spotted you the "b" and the "y".

Baylor Too said...

Arrested for prostitution, or soliciting prostitution? One is uhhh.... and the other is ewwww.....

Doc Logic said...

What?!?! No commentary on the shark on the left of Katy Perry's half time show?

The talk of the super bowl!! Isn't it your job to comment on hard hitting subjects?

Ernest T said...

9:19 -

I happen to know that he is good friends with another big DWI lawyer in the area. I have a feeling that she might be helping him out a little.

Anonymous said...

It's just a water heater!


Anonymous said...

It seems to me the acceptance of Islam is being forced down our throats just like the gay agenda has been.

I have said over and over and since I was a teen; I have no problem with gays, gay marriage and I certainly have no fear or hatred of them, I just don't like the militant way they have gone about forcing others to accept their views. Now I am going to say the same thing about Muslims and their liberal supporters. Instead of shaming everyone who fears Muslims why don't you go out and film them doing peaceful shit, going about their daily lives and possibly condemning the radical factions of their religion. Maybe that might be a better approach and probably the only way to humanize them in the eyes of folks who will likely never encounter a middle easterner outside of a trip to 7-11.

Anonymous said...

It's just like I said 2 weeks ago:
The blacks move in, then the crime starts. Now i have confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Islam. The official religion of liberalism.

wordkyle said...

The attempts by potheads to justify smoking dope by comparing it to what's already legal is always amusing.

"Dogs and cats ownership is legal, so why can't I own lions and tigers if I want to? Dogs kill more people than lions."

Ask Colorado emergency room personnel how "safe" marijuana's proven to be since it was legalized there.

Anonymous said...

Oh please Wordkyle,

Ask those same ER docs how safe alcohol is. As someone who lived in CO prior to the legalization, I can assure you that people were smoking a lot of weed prior to legalization. The edibles are a whole different issue that do need to be addressed. Kid proof packaging would be a start.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Wordkyle's dog/cat/lion analogy is that in terms of harm, alcohol is the lion, not pot. Lion ownership is already legal based on that analogy. I have no problem allowing dogs and cats.

Anonymous said...

9:21, so BG is charitable?

Because he makes more money than average people do?

How does BG know the NFL isn't just as charitable, if not (likely) more so?

It seems he has a problem with other people making money, but it's OK for him, personally.

mzchief said...

To wordkyle...
You need to pick a different article if you're attempting to claim weed is ruining society.

"Despite such anecdotes, there is scant hard data. Because of the lag in reporting many health statistics, it may take years to know legal marijuana’s effect — if any — on teenage drug use, school expulsions or the number of fatal car crashes."

"The vast majority of the state’s medical and recreational marijuana stores are living up to stringent state rules, they say. The stores have sold marijuana to hundreds of thousands of customers without incident. The industry has generated $12.6 million in taxes and fees so far, though the revenues have not matched some early projections.

Marijuana supporters note that violent crimes in Denver — where the bulk of Colorado’s pot retailers are — are down so far this year. The number of robberies from January through April fell by 4.8 percent from the same time in 2013, and assaults were down by 3.7 percent. Over all, crime in Denver is down by about 10 percent, though it is impossible to say whether changes to marijuana laws played any role in that decline."

I don't use weed but I'm not going to go screaming into the night, proclaiming the evils of weed, until we have some "hard data."

Anonymous said...

From The Daily Caller via Twitchy:

Obama said that he is the first President to make booze in the White House since George Washington.

When John Adams moved into the White House, the first U.S. President to do so, George Washington was dead.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a special day for any religion or ethnic group at our state Capitol while the legislature is in session. I think if everyone observes the separation of church and state than we never have this problem.

Anonymous said...

obammy also thinks there are 57 states.

Anonymous said...

RE: License Renewal

In Denton county, only a thumb print is required today.

Dickey Feltersnatch said...


wordkyle said...

mzchief - Users are having to visit emergency rooms due to marijuana. That's the hard data. Marijuana is not "harmless" as its proponents claim.

wordkyle said...

1057 - A quick google indicated that more people die from domestic dog attacks each year than from lion attacks.

Anonymous said...

Whether you think marijuana should be legal or not, deaths due to marijuana-impaired driving should have been included in the chart. Zero deaths is a bullshit lie.

Anonymous said...

Who won the Superbowl?

DF Rip Van Winkle

Anonymous said...

dumb redneck cannot even put a simple belt bomb together a blow everyone up like a good Muslim can.

Anonymous said...

10:32 AM, You obviously don't know the facts.

DF Pappy Van Winkle said...


Beats me - I was all bourbon-ed up

Anonymous said...


Dogs are global, lions are isolated to the plains of Africa and zoos in the rest of the world.

Your analogy is terrible.

wordkyle said...

106 - So why would anyone legalize, much less encourage, private ownership of lions, thus spreading the danger of lion attacks?

Anonymous said...


Have you been to Colorado lately, by chance? You are making no sense. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

I also noticed you cherry picked points out the link you provided earlier, leaving out the arguments of the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever smoked pot WK?
Have you ever been drunk?
If the answer to either one of those is no, your opinion is moot.

Anonymous said...

I have been drunk, I have been stoned, I have been drunk and stoned...not a good idea to drive either way.

Anonymous said...



The modus operandi of the left is to keep repeating the same line and to keep re-itterating the same point until it becomes second nature and automatic acceptance (they hope).
Thing is, as 10:22 stated mainstream America doesn't have a problem with queers or sand firs--we just don't won't it crammed down our throats ad nauseam.

Katy Anders said...

10:22: I question that logic: "If gay people would stop asking to be treated equally, we'd treat you equally."

I'm not sure anyone has ever achieved civil rights that way.

wordkyle said...

134 - Your complaint is that I won't make your pro-marijuana arguments for you? What kind of world do you live in? (P.S. The lion thing is known as an "analogy." Look it up.)

137 - You just illustrated the mental impairment that smoking pot causes. I'm against murder, too, but haven't recently murdered anyone.

Anonymous said...

MzChief busting Wordkyle on his BS?

Trouble in paradise?


Anonymous said...


I noticed the first 4 letters of analogy seem to apply to your view of the world.

Your comparison of weed to a lion is just flat stupid.

Anonymous said...


I think they broke up about a year ago.

Anonymous said...


The problem is your not asking, you’re telling. You are ruining careers, wrecking lives, and publicly shaming folks who simply disagree with your point of view on the matter. That is not asking, that is screaming loudly and hitting with big stick. You and you ilk (yes, I went there) leave no room for differing opinions or even civil discourse. And because of that I am turned off to your plight. Now I don't care if you have equal rights or not because of how you go about obtaining "equal" rights.

Also, please don't misquote me again; I did not say what you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Nice deflection WK. Answer the question. Murder and pot. You really do have a problem with analogies. Yours suck.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they have one of those road cone courses setup to see how bad of drivers we become after we are stoned like they used to do with drinkers. That would be interesting.

Oh, and Wordkyle, how long ago was it that you murdered then? Not arguing, just curious.

wordkyle said...

252 - I didn't compare weed to a lion. I compared legalizing two different things, both harmful, for purely recreational purposes.

But you knew that, didn't you? And hoped to divert attention away from it by using attempting junior high potty humor? Is that desperation or SOP for you?

Anonymous said...

"You are ruining careers, wrecking lives, and publicly shaming folks who simply disagree with your point of view on the matter."

Hey Katy, feel the power!!!

Katy Anders said...


Couple things.

First, how can I possibly be misquoting you, considering you're too much of a coward to attach your name to your ridiculous words?

Second, in the context in which I wrote it, it was clear I was saying I was following the logic, NOI quoting you. No one thought I was quoting the anonymous you. Your reputation is intact, Mr. Anonymous.

Third, your still lousy and now hostile logic still fails on the point I was making.

No one has EVER gained equality by being silent and hoping the majority would change their minds.

Finally, for every group that has fought for equality, there have always been bigots out there saying, "I wish they wouldn't wouldn't be so loud about it when they try for equality. Why do they have to be so insistent?"

(Please note I am not attributing that as a direct quote to you, either.)

Bear said...

I'm not sure what rights I have (as a heterosexual male) that you don't have (as a lesbian).

If you are referring to the marriage thing, we are both free to marry any person of the opposite sex that will have us. Seems equal to me.

Anonymous said...

No one has EVER gained equality by being silent and hoping the majority would change their minds.


While I understand and dislike some of the same things the earlier poster dislikes, you are absolutely right.

Dudes in leather and boas, though, are just gonna' scare the old white guys away. And they're the ones that make laws.

I do think you've got SCOTUS on your side, though.


Anonymous said...

Couple of things from me:

First of all resort directly to militant tactics and name calling immediately after I called you out for being militant to anyone who doesn't bow down to the LGBT community. You guys sure dig in when confronted. Your bunker mentality is admirable.

Secondly, my anonymity is not cowardice, it is self preservation. If you knew my name you would have my job using the internet to out me as a supposed "bigot" when I am no such thing. I would vote for gay marriage in heartbeat. You don't need to win me over with subversive tactics or educate me on the history of homosexual oppression. I am well aware of the atrocities. If more of LGBT social warrior types were actually nice people it would go along way for your cause that is my point.

Third, my logic is in no way hostile, just explaining how tactics used by the LGBT movement has turned many folks off. You all continually mix up the ignorant with the true haters. I sympathize with the first group and think it is sad that you use the same tactics on both. Little old church ladies do not need to be "outed" just because they voted for some proposition against gay marriage. They came from a different time, let them be.

Fourth, I never asked for silence, just explained how getting people fired, outing folks as "homophobes" is probably not the best route to further your cause. You have a good and just argument, stick to that.

Finally, again I am not a bigot. I am not asking you guys to be quiet, just asking for civility and tact, which are clearly things you and your cronies lack. Remember, this is your cause, not mine and you always catch more flies with honey. I have resentment toward the LGBT community simply because of the hypocrisy in regards to how they treat others. You all are using the same tactics that true homophobes used for centuries to oppress homosexuals.

See, I did all that without losing control of my emotions and resorting to some snarky and insulting diatribe. Sorry that you do not have the maturity to do the same.

(No need to use quotes then when you provide your own interpretation of my comments, we get it)

Anonymous said...


So you are talking about tobacco and alcohol as the lions.

Ok, I'm good with that.

As to potty humor, I avoid that because I respect Barry and his blog, but if I didn't respect Barry, I'd bury you in TP.

Anonymous said...

8:49 - does kinda make one wonder if it is worth raising a child as a Southern Baptist!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wordy, do you smoke? Might think so according to your stupid graphic.

Anonymous said...

Decatur ISD bond election

Please join me and vote a resounding


Anonymous said...

I agree
Why should we increase our taxes

Anonymous said...

What is the problem with hiring a prostitute versus buying a woman in a bar three beers? The main thing I see is she wont call you the next day trying to convince you she normally doesn't do that, you probably will not take something home to your regular squeeze and you wont get a letter from the Attorney General wanting you to submit to a DNA test prior to catching up on your child support. Whores are honest most of the time.

Anonymous said... for what? The board president and his stooges will ram turf, and the indoor practice facility down our throats regardless of a vote. Typical liberals!

Katy Anders said...

5:28: You're now saying you didn't say certain things, which, when combined with the fact that UI don't know which comments you even wrote, makes this discussion impossible.

I will sit back and do nothing and hope that the majority just changes around me without my encourage, since speaking up would be "ramming it down the throats" of those who have always proactively and willingly recognized quiet minority groups.

Katy Anders said...

Rage, clearly the solution for your fear is just to have EVERYONE leather chaps and feather boas starting from a young age.

I live about a block and a half away from a gay leather store (no, I don't know how the leather knows it's gay), and once had to explain to my (then) 8-year old why there was a 75-year old man standing in the parking lot wearing assless chaps.

Sometimes I wonder what my explanation was, because I honestly can't imagine a good reason for that scenario to occur.

But if someone can find me a group, movement, or club that contains NO jerks, morons, or over-zealous crazies, please give m,e the name of that group. I'd like to join (at which point, I guess that group would then contain a jerk).

Anonymous said...

8:17 & 9:04 Agree completely. Tired of these guys spending our money on stupid things and now trying to go around the voters on the field turf. So, everyone needs to vote "NO". I will try to influence all I know to vote "NO" as well.

Anonymous said...

Damn Katy,

I commented only at 3:08 and 5:28. I clearly stated that I don't intend for you "sit back and do nothing". I also clearly explained that speaking up is not "ramming it down the throats" but the militant tactics used by the LGBT social warriors was what I was referring to. I full well think you should hold demonstrations, lobby Congress and speak up in general. I just think at some point you all crossed the line and it has damaged your cause. I do not think opposition to gay marriage is what defines a bigot or a homophobe. These folks should be left alone as individuals and only confronted when and if they violate the individual rights of an LGBT person/persons. Opposition is not oppression.

It was clear which comments were mine as they were in direct response to your posts, but you already knew that. I think it is funny that you just keep reverting back and accusing me of saying "y'all should stay quiet"! I never once said anything of the kind.

At least form an argument around what I AM actually saying instead of what you wish I WAS saying. But I guess that is not in your playbook.

Katy Anders said...

11:59: There were actually a number of responses to me yesterday. I think Rage even agreed with me on something.

I'm no longer sure of what specifically you were disagreeing with me about, but you've wasted valuable time that I could have better spent suing Christians over wedding cakes.