Remember This Catch Because It Will Soon Be Forgotten

Deadspin has posted a fantastic super slow mo replay of the catch yesterday which seemed to be destined to be one of the most memorable catches in Super Bowl history.  But it will be forgotten.  Great plays by the losing team are almost always forgotten.

I remember when I was in the mid 1980s and watching a Cowboy game on Monday night when a ricocheted ball landed into the arms of a Dallas receiver late into the fourth quarter for a score. It was amazing. "That will be one of the greatest plays in Cowboy history!" I proclaimed.  "Only if the win," my buddy replied.  And you know, the Cowboys didn't. And he was right. Even I can barely recall the details now. Was it Tony Hill? I think so but I'm not sure. Was it against the Dolphins? That seems to be right. But a quick Google search gave me no answers. Lost to history? Edit: Found a game story. Edit: A loyal reader found the video.

Edit: This is funny. Watch a group of Seattle fans watch various parts of the game. The catch above starts at around 6:50 (if you want to jump ahead) and then it stays in real time. They go crazy over the replay of the catch and then it comes time for "Beast mode! Beast mode!" as Seattle is on the verge of scoring.  And then the sound of silence.