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Super Bowl Humor

I didn't care who won. But, man, how dumb was that.

But I would have paid big money just to watch the bettors in Sports Book in Vegas at that moment.


Anonymous said...

Biggest coach called screwup ever.
Then the pundits gushed about how this game established Brady's greatness. BS. New England/Brady were 1 yard from sure defeat before that monumental blunder.

Big news now will be how will NFL deal with a decade of cheating by Brady and the coach.

Anonymous said...

And if Lynch gets stuffed because the entire Patriots team is keying on him getting it and blitzing accordingly? You're all saying "what a stupid call when the whole stadium knows Lynch is getting the ball you've got to do something else. Wilson has been running wild. What the hell why not roll him out on a pass option?" And if that Patriot player does not make a superior play you're saying "gutsiest call ever" etc. Hush.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance: Can't just win, must also look like a genius (they passed while everyone expected a run, what a great, gutsy call).)

Anonymous said...

Agree with 7:34...Praise would have been heaped upon him for decoying with Lynch and tossing the slant. It would have been called one of the best calls in SB history.

Anonymous said...

Son was in said "sports book"! Quoted - "Absolutely Unreal Mom!"