The Campaign For DA


Cry Me A River, Buddy


Let's see:

  • You called 911 because your wife "shoved" you in the chest. Think about that. You called the cops over that
  • The cops didn't even believe it caused you any pain and/or you said it didn't cause you any pain, so that's why it was filed as Assault-Offensive Touching. That's a Class C misdemeanor just like a traffic ticket. 
  • Your wife says you were drunk, and the prosecutor cited the officer's description of your "condition" as one of the reasons for the dismissal. 
  • You guys have been granted a divorce since then (but not before you went so far as to accuse her of adultery in the court papers)
  • And you show up in court still wanting a prosecutor to pursue this thing? 
I'm saying this more and more these days: Give. It. Up.