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Cry Me A River, Buddy


Let's see:

  • You called 911 because your wife "shoved" you in the chest. Think about that. You called the cops over that
  • The cops didn't even believe it caused you any pain and/or you said it didn't cause you any pain, so that's why it was filed as Assault-Offensive Touching. That's a Class C misdemeanor just like a traffic ticket. 
  • Your wife says you were drunk, and the prosecutor cited the officer's description of your "condition" as one of the reasons for the dismissal. 
  • You guys have been granted a divorce since then (but not before you went so far as to accuse her of adultery in the court papers)
  • And you show up in court still wanting a prosecutor to pursue this thing? 
I'm saying this more and more these days: Give. It. Up. 


Anonymous said...

I slam you quite a bit, so I'll give credit where credit is due:

That's damned good advice, counselor.

Anonymous said...

Dang lawyers!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my IDIOT EX HUSBAND!! Give. It. Up. Dip. SH#T.

Anonymous said...

She isn't a bad looking broad.

I'll do her. I'll do her. I'll do her.

Double Fake George Dunham

Anonymous said...

And if it was the other way around?

Anonymous said...

This is newsworthy? How about Alcee Hastings?

whisky O said...

Alpha males are becoming extinct, political correctness will be our downfall and I need another scotch.

Anonymous said...

Before you all become the hanging tree gang, I called the Plano Police 4 different times when my crazy ass ex punched me. Once when I dropped off the baby at (my) her house. The swat team showed up and slammed me to the hood, when convinced that I called them they strongly suggested I drop it for the sake of the children. So for all you gender biased F*&ks --bite me.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. LL said you say give it up a lot. I think you may need to try a more romantic approach.

DF Dr. Ruth

Anonymous said...


If it would have been the other way around, his hands on her chest, that would have been referred to as foreplay.

Anonymous said...

women want equal rights well he just did what a woman would have done

Anonymous said...

If you think Mary Louise is hot, check out her daughters on her FB. Yowsa.

DF Joe Shannon, Retired Tarrant DA