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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Rangers gave up two home runs last night that hit the top of the wall and bounced over. I've got a buddy who will go nuts today if someone says, "What were the odds of that happening?" He'll reply that it's the same odds of the ball being hit to any two other random places on the field. He told me that 25 years ago, and I still ponder it.
  • The President's "secret" visit to Afghanistan has to be "secret." You don't exactly want to publicize that flight ahead of time.'
  • Deion Sanders is going to be on Good Morning America today. Is there no one that will simply tell him he needs keep quiet and keep his dignity.
  • Someone referenced the old show Blind Date which I used to love, but I'm struggling to remember the format.
  • I haven't read much of anything about the Cleveland Bomb A Bridge Plot but I'm guessing it's another roundup of a bunch of knuckleheads by the FBI who could never have pulled it off.
  • Man, I bet you could get beaten down by the conversation coming from the guys who hang around this "pool lounge" that has opened in the Uptown area of Dallas.
  • The video of Kate Upton doing the "Cat Daddy" got banned by youtube yesterday. You'll have to do The Google.
  • Mrs. LL appealed a call at her softball game last night and got it overturned. I'll be. 
  • In cold blood: Two people got shot in their home in Dallas last night in front of their children who were left unharmed. It almost sounds like it was a hit.
  • The Messenger has an editorial today wondering why its "Wise County Crime Reports" never gets a Texas Monthly "Bum Steer Award."  It's for the reason I mentioned two weeks ago: You intentionally try to trick them up.
  • If the EPA "non-attainment" status for Wise County means more expensive inspections, get ready. What's it add? $30?