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Good Thing She Is Not A Gymnast

Horrible camera angle but I couldn't help but post it because of the "OH! OH! OH! OH!" at the beginning of the video.

And isn't the Steeplechase the weirdest event in track and field?

Finally, could this be some foreshadowing of the presidential race? (See what I did there?)


Anonymous said...

Man, that is exactly like the time that wordy tried to make a terrible analogy, and then claimed someone else was doing it wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, it almost looks like she didn't even see the hurdle at all! Ouch!

wordkyle said...

1242 - Make sure you mean analogy. My own description was "remote similarity" and "a stretch to make the connection." (Unless you mean a completely different botched analogy I made.) I'd hate for you to embarrass yourself.

A good example of an analogy I actually made was comparing Obama's "success" in killing Osama to Barry Switzer's "success" in the Cowboys winning a Super Bowl. (Congratulations to them, but it was with a team and system their predecessors built.) Was that the one you meant?

Anonymous said...

If that had been a dude, it would have caught him right in the giblets.

I am not sure why watching someone get racked is funny, but it is.

Anonymous said...

I think you're the one who continues to embarrass himself wordy. Funnier that you can't even see it.

Anonymous said...

Not bad.... not bad...but gotta stick the landing better

Anonymous said...

son of a ... that's going to leave a mark.

DF Tommy Boy

wordkyle said...

Well see, that's the deal. I keep asking you guys who are so much smarter to explain what you mean so the rest of us can understand, but you just won't do it. Your thought processes are just too far beyond the ken of mortal men.

So did you mean "analogy?" Or another, remotely similar word?

DF Kaplan Review said...


Your Obama/Switzer analogy would make sense only if the Cowboys had never won a Super Bowl prior to Switzer becoming the coach.

wordkyle said...

DFKR - Would it? Or would it be the fact that Barry Switzer had never won a Super bowl?

Anonymous said...

Would you people please stop?

2:03 - Word's comments actually do make sense, and he seems to be poking fun at himself at the same time. (And he puts his name on his comments).

3:18 You seem to have it backwards. The Switzer analogy works either way, and there is no comparable action to bagging Osama.

That's twice in a week I have had to agree with Word, and I am getting tired of it. If you want to dance, learn the steps first.

Anonymous said...

Wordy puts his name on his comments? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Here is why he Switzer analogy is bad. Bush gave up on Bin Laden in 2007. He scaled down the search and told the country that Bin Laden wasn't important and that destroying Al Queda was the focus. You can look this up.
Obama came in and one of the first things he did was rebuild the team to find Bin Laden. It took a while but he did it.

Anonymous said...

That looks like some of Bridgeport's hefty cheerleaders trying to get air.

wordkyle said...

924 - "Look it up" is a great suggestion. Here are some quotes from the New York Times, surely no friend to Bush or Republicans:

- "The raid was the culmination of years of painstaking intelligence work, including the interrogation of C.I.A. detainees in secret prisons in Eastern Europe..."
- "It wasn’t until after 2002, when the agency began rounding up Qaeda operatives — and subjecting them to hours of brutal interrogation sessions in secret overseas prisons — that they finally began filling in the gaps about the foot soldiers, couriers and money men Bin Laden relied on."
- "By 2005 many inside the C.I.A. had reached the conclusion that the Bin Laden hunt had grown cold, and the agency’s top clandestine officer ordered an overhaul of the agency’s counterterrorism operations. The result was Operation Cannonball, a bureaucratic reshuffling that placed more C.I.A. case officers on the ground in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

Regarding Bush's "not that important" quote on bin Laden? Here's a story from ABC News on Obama's reticence on the subject after he took office. "Obama has, for the most part, kept bin Laden out of his language. That, experts say, may not be unwise. "When you mention bin Laden's name too much, you inadvertently elevate his status to a person larger than it needs to be. [It] fuels al Qaeda's ranks," Rick Nelson, a senior fellow at the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told ABC News. "We don't want to create this organization that has this cult personality. We want to minimize publicity." Funny how Obama seems to have forgotten that message.