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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Seminar Day Two.  I left this morning wearing jeans and a pretty sporty shirt (if I do say so myself.) Mrs LL looked at me like I was heading out for a night on the town. 
  • The "biggest moon of the year" will be this weekend.
  • There's always a bright "star" that is the first to appear in the western sky this time of year. This week I learned for the first time that it is not a star but a planet. 
  • Without looking, I'm not sure I could name a single superhero making up The Avengers. When was that group popular? (Now if you want me to name the Super Friends, that'd be easy.)
  • I saw the aftermath of a big wreck in Arlington yesterday on I-30. One of the vehicles was a yellow taxi van that looked like it had rolled. That made me cringe. Any change a passenger(s) was wearing a seatbelt in that?
  • Yesterday at the seminar, there were two lawyers from Central Texas (man and a woman) sitting behind me who seemed to know each other and both were staying at the hotel. The guy was whipping that lady's arse with lame conversation like nobody's business. When they returned from lunch I heard the guy say, "Where were you? (Laughing) I thought you were avoiding me." I bet she was.
  • He had a holster for his phone. But he also has an iPad. 
  • When you overhear criminal defense lawyers talking about prosecutors, the greatest seal of approval you will hear is that the person being discussed is "fair and honest." 
  • There's a female lawyer who is an in-studio Fox 4 consultant for the Deion/Pilar Sanders ongoing soap opera. I'd take her a lot more seriously if she wouldn't say "you know" like a teenager every thirty seconds.
  • If Kim Mulkey could walk out onto the court and challenge every call, she would have been Mrs. LL's opposing softball coach last night. Sheesh, lady. This ain't Game Seven of the World Series.
  • Morning News today: The son of a guy who was part of the French Army defeated in a battle by Mexico (which was the origin of Cinco de Mayo) moved to Bridgeport back in the day and bought a coal mine. 
  • Did you catch the angry Mark Cuban dropping F bombs last night as the Mavericks were getting blown out? That made me giggle a little bit. Can't stand the guy. EDIT: Animated GIF!!!
  • Has he had botox injections? 
  • "Is this a sign of the changing of the guard?" - Announcer last night when Oklahoma City got out to a jaw dropping lead. Answer: Absolutely.
  • Seven items in today's Update promote fundraisers.
  • Fun to play with: Radio Time Machine.