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DPS Has A Bad Chemist. Hello, Headache.

This was posted on the Texas District and County Attorney's Association web site on Friday.  Kudos to DPS for admitting the problem., but they really didn't have a choice. If they tried to bury the problem, every past drug case in Texas would be in jeopardy if it was later revealed that they did.

As far as I know, Wise County doesn't use the DPS lab in Houston.


Anonymous said...


They have probably been sitting on this hoping it could be buried. Since people are involved that never works. People talk you know.

Every lawyer is circling DPS and are gonna retry cases if this dude even touched the file.

Ya kudos.

That's ok we can afford it. Just a little more run time printing money we don't have. But it's for a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that a county drug cop has failed drug test and they let it go becauseof his job

Anonymous said...

It's the HPD crime lab fiasco all over again--except this guy's supervisor won't run for DA under a reform ticket.


Anonymous said...

10:30, are you saying he passed the whiz quiz???

Anonymous said...

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Barry, ya gotta play to your audience, the least common denominator.

Anonymous said...

They caught the Eric Rosemstraum, Phil will sleep 2nite.