The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I mentioned prescription pain killer addition last week and last night 60 Minutes mentioned there were 210 million prescriptions written last year in America. That's enough for every adult. 
  • I watched some of the original Indiana Jones last night. It's still great but far more campy than I remember. 
  • The Redskins took RG3 with the first pick in the draft and mortgaged the farm to do so. So they take another quarterback in the third round? That makes no sense.
  • The NFL needs to add on more round to the draft and let fans make the picks. Seriously.
  • I never saw this in a college women's softball game this weekend: An outfielder let a foul fly ball intentionally drop so that a runner at third couldn't tag up an score. It makes sense, but I've never seen it. 
  • Who would have thought that a planned condo project off the banks of the Trinity in downtown Fort Worth where the average cost would be $875,000 would fail?
  • Mrs. LL chewed me out after I admitted I watched Modern Family.  Then we sat down and watched it and she told me it was a repeat that she had already seen.  Say what?
  • There were at least two motorcycle deaths in the metroplex over the weekend, but haven't found any links to them yet. Edit: Found one. The other was at Beach Street and Loop 820 in Fort Worth.
  • Regional track results: 400 relay — 1. Mineral Wells, 41.82; 2. Estacado, 42.41; 3. Andrews, 42.83; 4. Castleberry, 43.53; 5. Hirschi, 43.98; 6. Decatur, 54.44. That's a dropped baton, right?
  • Nolan Ryan poses with the couple involved in the Foul Ball Scandal last night. They were supposed to get married over the weekend (the couple, not all three.)
  • When I walked through the Texas Capital the other day I kept saying, ""Is you is or is you ain't my constituents?" (Movie reference.) 
  • I wondered last week why no one has thought about rebuilding the Titanic. Well, someone is.
  • Holding onto a thin retractable leash as a dog takes off causing the leash to zip through your fingers is not a pleasurable experience. Dumb dog. 
  • The Dallas DA's office will announce the 31st and 32nd DNA exoneration today. Incredible. They seriously need to consider taking former DA Henry Wade's name off  that juvenile justice building that was names after him.