The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "The Scream" painting (bet you can guess what it is) sold at auction for $120 million.
  • Me + Jogging = I'm beginning to feel my age.
  • For the millionth time, a person possesses methamphetamine not methamphetamines.
  • The crazy guy who sexually assaulted the girl in Dallas who was on her way to school was kicked out of Prairieville Baptist Church. They have standards?
  • Mrs. LL got a tiny trophy for running a 5K last weekend. I looked up yesterday and saw that it's on our mantel. I think she's doing shtick. I hope. 
  • I've never heard anything positive about ultra-conservative Tarrant County judge Sharen Wilson. Why doesn't someone run against her?
  • College kid sleeping on the couch during a drug raid is told he would be released but instead was placed in a dark cell, handcuffed to a wall, and forgotten for four days. Incredible.
  • One of the buyers of the Los Angeles Dodgers, along with Magic Johnson, is Fort Worth resident Bobby Patton. I knew Bobby back when he was a criminal defense lawyer who pretty much earned a living like everyone else. Then in 2005 the Osteopathic Hospital in Fort Worth got foreclosed on and he scrambled and bought it at auction for $6 million (I'm not sure how).One week later he sold it to the University of North Texas for $16 million. 
  • But there had to be even more windfalls than that in order for him to be part of that buyer's group.
  • I've started reading Blackhawk Down. I've never seen the movie. I was hoping for more background but it may be more of a battle intensive book.
  • The video of Junior Seau's mom grieving yesterday was really hard to watch.