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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Have to love this: After the Knicks lost to the heat last night, Amare Stoudemire punched a fire extinguisher which was enclosed in a glass case. With the aftermath involving blood, broken glass, and paramedics being called, he now might be done for the year
  • There's a radio ad for a development of lake property a couple of hours out of DFW that says the are "selling these lots for half of their fair market value." Based upon that line alone, anyone who even thinks about dealing with that real estate group is an idiot. 
  • Some gal from The Bachelor is a "Hey, Now" at a Las Vegas pool. 
  • There was a report yesterday that today less of a percentage of teenagers in Texas have a driver's license than compared to 10 years ago. I think I know why. 
  • We ate at Kincaid's on Saturday evening in north Fort Worth. I was there a year ago and it was packed. This time it was almost empty. Weird. 
  • I dreamed I had a car repair bill of $2,200.  That was a good dream to wake up from. The waking up part, I mean. 
  • Yu Darvish has the chance to be scary good. After his win last night, he has an ERA of 0.89 over his last three starts. Amazing. 
  • I don't understand the Dallas Morning News. They have a story on their homepage about a gruesome murder but it is behind a paywall. Yet they have a crime blog where the whole story can be read there. And, man, that is one heck of a story
  • Both last week's "manhunt" and yesterday's "stabbing" in Wise County involved some names that the courthouse is familiar with.
  • That David Dewhurst ad where he targets opponent Ted Cruz for representing "the Chinese" (say it in a sinister voice) is meant to target the lowest possible denominator among us. I'm no fan of Cruz, but Dewhurst is a snake. 
  • Everyone went gaga over the release of the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises last night. I got to see some of the last Batman movie a couple of weeks ago, and I continue to be the voice of the minority in saying it was horrible. (But Mrs. LL likes for me to do the Batman voice -- which I can do pretty good, by the way.)
  • A 26 year old Olympic medalist swimmer from Norway who had been training for this summer's games in London was found dead in his bathroom. 
  • I thought the demise of the Mavericks would happen last year. I was 12 months too early. (But why does a game against Oklahoma City start so late in the evening?)
  • There are eleven funeral announcements in today's Update
  • Tony Romo attended the White House Correspondence Dinner?