Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • If you own American Airlines stock, that stack of magazines over in the corner is worth more. AMR has declared bankruptcy. It's reorganization and your tickets are still good, however.  But I wonder what happens to frequent flyer miles? Edit: Flyer miles not impacted.
  • Everyone was calling it "breaking news" in the 7:00 a.m. hour but that bankruptcy news made the front page of the paper edition of the the Dallas Morning News.
  • I agree with what I heard this morning: Every time I fly American, the tickets aren't cheap, I pay extra for baggage, and the flight is packed. So how do they lose money?
  • Baylor plays Texas this weekend and it looks like a win (BU is the favorite, but I'm skeptical) will put them in the Insight Bowl in Phoenix against scandal ridden Penn State. A win also puts Baylor at 9-3 -- something I thought was impossible. 
  • Our local DA and his wife had another baby yesterday. They can now field a basketball team. Or are they now into the creation of bench players? I've lost count. 
  • The White Rock Half Marathon is this Sunday which is odd because it normally doesn't come up the week after the Turkey Trot. But I'm more worried about the weather. Current forecast: 42 degrees, 14 mph winds, and a 20% chance of rain. And that chance of rain may skyrocket if the front moves through a little slower. Beating. 
  • Wordkyle sent me this video of two Corvette owners considering racing as they sat at a stoplight over the Thanksgiving weekend in the Woodlands.  The "One Percenter"  is taking on a whole new meaning. 
  • Jack Del Rio was fired this morning from his head coaching job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I knew a Bridgeport girl who dated him when he was a Dallas Cowboy.
  • Fox 4 almost got a jailhouse interview with the young girl who drove the wrong way on I-35 over the weekend which "caused" the death of another. An updated story indicates it might have been a suicide attempt.
  • Wise County criminal cases I haven't heard much about: The murder-for-hire lady from Wise County Park, the murder case where the lady ran over the guy on FM 101 between Bridgeport and Chico, and the crazy murder-hide-the-body case out of Paradise. And there seems to be another high profile one that I have forgotten.
  • Herman Cain is done -- Not because of the claims of sexual harassment or yesterday's news of an affair, but because he's losing credibility with his denials. 
  • So of all the people to run against President Obama it's going to be Romney? Really?