Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Edit: I didn't notice that the coozie says, "Restraining Orders Are Another Way To Say I Love You"
  • I took a trip to the Clinton Library while in Arkansas. Really interesting. And I felt a little geeky being especially interested in  96 notebooks - one for each month - that contained the daily schedule of Clinton for every day in office.
  • A Barney Fife like security guard got on to me for standing by the entrance while waiting for Mrs. LL because "I don't know what you've got on you."
  • There is a section dedicated to the Lewinsky scandal and the Impeachment.  Baylor's current president is (justifiably) not treated well.
  • The Tea Party would have its collective head blow up during the tour. There was not a problem, it seems,  that wasn't tackled with new federal legislation. And then you see the section dedicated to the the economy in the 1990s where there was actually a balanced budget with a surplus.
  • The portion of I-30 from downtown Dallas to Rockwall is depressing.
  • Can't find a picture of her, but a cute girl with a six month old baby in her car was arrested for Intoxication Manslaughter after driving the wrong way on I-35 in Fort Worth over the weekend. Oddly, she never came in physical contact with the person who died.
  • Sad to hear the NBA will be back.
  • I think "Cyber Monday" doesn't exist. That is, I doubt this is the busiest online shopping day of the year. 
  • A kicker did what on the sideline of a NFL game yesterday????
  • Over the weekend, the house I was in became like the scene in Raising Arizona where Glen and Dot bring all their kids over to see Hi and Edwina. I retreated to a bedroom. Huge. Quickly. 
  • And in there I came across the Kirk Cameron film, Fireproof. I started watching it because I was cynical, and the acting was just as bad as I thought it would be. But, you know, there was nothing wrong with that message. 
  • Sports: (1) The over/under line on Baylor v. Tech was 102. 102!! And if you bet the Under, you lost; (2) In the first ever Pac 12 Championship game this weekend, Oregon is a 31 point favorite over UCLA; (3) Turner Gil got fired at Kansas after only two seasons and will be paid the $6 million still remaining on his contract; and (4) the Cowboy cheerleader who was tackled by Jason Witten had her Twitter account allegedly killed by the Cowboys.
  • Crazy Sheriff Joe will endorse Rick Perry. That's the equivalent of stopping life support on his campaign.
  • To not be a "people person", I sure have been around a lot of people over the last four days.