Liberally Lean Weather Center

I have a very high placed source in the Wise County Sheriff's Office (I'll just call him "Sheriff David Walker") who will forward me emails that his office receives from the National Weather Service.  The NWS will create a Powerpoint presentation over the threat of a half inch of rain. Throw in the threat of snow, and they go crazy. They started off this time with a 5 page PDF report -- a portion of which is above. I like that confidence level.

The official forecast follows. Pete Delkus is probably learning the proper spelling of "Armageddon" at this moment:

The expected storm system is producing wintry weather in the Texas panhandle today. That system will continue to move northeast and will not play a role in our weather through Sunday. However, another strong storm system is approaching the Pacific Northwest today, and will approach our region late Sunday.  Colder air will begin to filter into north Texas around midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, giving parts of the area the potential for snow, or a mixture of rain and freezing rain.