I Love Cases Like This

And I Love This Man

Julian P. Heicklen, a 79-year-old retired chemistry professor, has often stood on a plaza outside the United States Courthouse in Manhattan, holding a “Jury Info” sign and handing out brochures that advocate jury nullification, the controversial view that if jurors disagree with a law, they may ignore their oaths to follow it and may acquit a defendant who violated it.

So what did prosecutors do? Indicted him for "jury tampering."  Sheesh.

His defense is that his conduct is protected by the 1st Amendment's Free Speech provision. Now it's up to the courts. 


(Note: I'm reminded that in some courthouses in Texas there are DWI prevention posters showing a disfigured victim hanging in the halls where DWI trials are ongoing. Texas courts have found no error in such a situation.)