Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Star-Telegram's home page has a video ad that takes up the whole screen this morning. That's in addition to the massive still banner at the bottom. (I may not be inclined to pay for content, but I might be swayed to pay to avoid irritation.)
  • Yesterday I said head coach Joe Paterno might be in trouble at Penn State due to the "cover up" of the sex abuse scandal, but even I was surprised by the firestorm across the Internets and talk radio that followed. And a sign placed around his on campus statue is not a good omen. 
  • And to think Ohio State's coach had to resign earlier this year because his players were trading jersies for tattoos
  • There was another Oklahoma earthquake last night after a day of tornadoes. (Very funny screenshot of one Oklahoma residents reaction to the first earthquake.)
  • Ever noticed how movie posters seem familiar?
  • This Tarrant County case will be interesting to watch: A guy hears his car being broken into, goes outside, and then fires a shot at the vehicle leaving the scene. One 17 year old in that vehicle, who is said to have remained in the car while his buddies attempted the burglary, is hit and killed. The shooter has to be prosecuted, right?
  • The cute hairdresser who was found dead in her burning car in Dallas last Friday is one heck of a mystery. Police now believe she was alive when the car was intentionally set on fire. There are no suspects. Weird.
  • I don't have much of an interest in high school volleyball, but I couldn't help but notice that the Decatur team faces its long time playoff nemesis tonight: Abilene Wylie. 
  • I always like to look at the high school football playoff brackets to see the worst teams who still qualified. This year it seems to be  Mexia (2-8) and Callisburg (2-8). Everyone gets a trophy!!
  • Wow. I mentioned Joe Frazier's cancer yesterday and then he died last night. If you are a middle aged guy, Ali/Frazier will always mean something to you. (But the only way you could learn about most fights back then was by waiting for the newspaper.)
  • I watched a documentary on TV about Ali/Frazier about a year ago and it was really, really good. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. (But I did note that the first Ali/Frazier fight is on youtube in its entirety.)
  • The Crazy Couple was on Dr. Drew to have an on-stage sonogram to prove Mrs. Crazy doesn't have implants.  Nothing like a new couple in love. 
  • There was a plea bargain in the Wise County courthouse yesterday for 29 years and 10 months. I know the defense lawyer, so I'll find out what's up with the weird 10 months aspect of it. (In state court with penitentiary time involved, 99% of the plea bargains are in years only.)
  • And if someone agrees to 29 years and 10 months, there was also a 99% chance the jury would have given them more. 
  • Whoever suggested answering the "Guess" questions from One Of The Kids in The House with multiple mind-numbing guesses, you are a genius.  I got hit with, "Guess what I made on my math test?" when I walked in the door so I started with 50 then 51 then 52.  It didn't take long before the kid got worn out and told me 95.  (And, yes, from there we talked about the one she got wrong.)
  • The odds of someone having removed the umbrella from my car when I need it in a second: Overwhelming.