Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We ended up with two Cowboys tickets yesterday morning and made the trek to Arlington. The older I get, the more surprised I am that people go through that beating to attend a game -- especially since the at home experience has been improved threefold over the last 10 years.
  • Based upon my own scientific polling of the crowd, the person who just happens to be Hispanic is a big Cowboy fan.
  • And the outfit of choice has to be the blue Cowboy jersey. It is insane the number of people that were wearing them regardless of when they were purchased or which player they support. (Marion Barber? You're wearing a Marion Barber jersey?)
  • I told Mrs. LL that she should yell, "You pushed off during the Hail, Mary!!" during Drew Pearson's Ring of Honor Induction speech. (She holds that belief.)
  • That stadium is 100% Idiocracy. There are more ads flashing around you than your brain can process. And everything is sponsored. (And a college football crowd would laugh at the incredible number of times the big video board had to encourage the fans to "Make some noise!!!!")
  • My sinuses have been killing me for five days, but it's a great reminder of how much I value simply feeling good. 
  • If true, an ex-trooper did an awful thing to his ex-wife.
  • Motorcycle death at the Texas Motor Speedway. [Link fixed]
  • Told Mrs. LL this weekend that Chicken Express needs to be renamed Chicken Whenever We Get Around To You. 
  • I saw a 3D animated movie in the theater this weekend. Verdict: Is that 3D stuff really necessary?
  • Boyd plays "Life Oak Cliff" in next week's first round of the playoffs? What's a Life Oak Cliff?
  • Penn State got rocked over the weekend by a sexual abuse scandal which cost the Athletic Director his job. It might cost Joe Paterno his by the time all is said and done.  (But I'm not sure why the grand jury released a shockingly detailed report (pdf) about the allegations.)
  • How do they transport millions of dollars out of the U.S. Currency plant in north Fort Worth to a federal reserve bank?  Just by truck? No huge security?  And I've always thought the robbery of that place would make a good movie plot. 
  • The LSU/Alabama "game of the century" ended up without a touchdown being scored. Some say it was like watching a great pitcher's duel. Uh, no. The game was boring. (And I spent most of the time watching Baylor/Missouri anyway where 81 total points were scored.) 
  • I'd be scared to be in the ocean if I saw Coco heading towards the water.
  • Andy Rooney died over the weekend (just weeks after retiring from 60 Minutes), and it was announced that Joe Frazier has liver cancer and is under hospice care. 
  • I've not listened to this, but Ron Washington's pre-game speech before Game Seven has been leaked.  I've heard it contains some salty language. I also know it didn't work.