Even I'm Surprised My Prediction Was Correct: Paterno Gone

Sandusky and Paterno In, I Assume, Happier Days

Joe Paterno, Penn State's head football coach since 1966, announced he would retire after this season  This may end up being the biggest scandal in college football history. (Wikipedia version  for those who haven't been keeping up.)

Sidenote: I actually saw one Penn State game (in the Cotton Bowl against Baylor on January 1, 1981.)  Jerry Sandusky was the defensive coordinator at the time. The last game Sandusky coached was in 1999 against the Aggies in the Alamo Bowl.

Edit: I'm losing my mind. I saw Alabama and Baylor in the Cotton Bowl. Baylor did play Penn State in the Cotton Bowl but it was about five years before.

Penn State is at home against Nebraska this weekend. The crowd reaction will be interesting. (ESPN at 11:00 a.m.)

Edit: Wow. This morning the original artist covers up Sandusky's face on a mural at Penn State.

Edit at 9:00 p.m.: Paterno's been relieved of his duties. Chaos at Penn State.