Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Tea Party protesters and the Occupy [Location] protesters have some things in common: You both think you are getting screwed, you want to organize, and you want to exercise your American right to protest. Oh, and you both hate each other since you disagree with each other. 
  • Former Channel 8 hot sports reporter drops an F bomb - and way too easily at that.
  • The media will portray today as the 10 year anniversary of the War in Afghanistan.  That's OK, if you want to refer to it as the 10 year anniversary of the invasion. No, if you say it is a "war" that it is still ongoing. I refuse to say this "war" has gone on longer than Vietnam, World War II, or the Revolutionary War.
  • It is more of a war than the Cold War, however. (Call Back argument.)
  • I can't tell you how glad I am to have TCU back in the Big 12. Just the thought of Texas, OU, Tech and Baylor coming through Fort Worth every other year is great. But now I really hate the fact that the Aggies will be gone.
  • And think about that TCU: You've got to worry about OU, OSU, Tech, and the Empire but you get to avoid Nebraska and the Aggies.  It's still a tough neighborhood but the gang violence has been significantly reduced.
  • For those that say, "How can you defend those people?", there's far, far more that is being defended than just the person.  Things that you hold dear but just don't realize it. 
  • Unemployment figures released this morning: Still at 9.1%. Obama haters, rejoice.
  • I've had a few people send me Texas/OU Random Girl pics over the last month. I'll try to post them today. 
  • Saturday Night Live did an "Internet Comments Talk Show" bit. Not hilarious but kind of funny.
  • Had one of my little softball players come up to me before practice and respectfully say, "Coach, you seemed upset with me during our last game, and I want to make sure I know what I did wrong and what I can do to get better."  It was almost like it was memorized (and it may have been), but it was almost enough to melt me to see a kid (and parents) who care. 
  • Glanced at the end of the Yankees/Tigers game last night to see A-Rod strike out to end it which makes it two season ending strike-outs in a row. He made $32 million this year to hit a baseball. If my math is correct, that was $310,679.61 for every hit during the regular season. 
  • In August, The Ticket's Bob Sturm and his family went down to Honduras to finalize the adoption of a child by picking him up, having a court sign the order, and getting him a visa. How long does that take? The family, one person larger, gets to come home this weekend. 
  • And it is sad for the Rangers not to go back to Yankee Stadium which was the source of the greatest animated GIF ever of New York fans last year. You see something new every time.
  • ESPN Magazine's: The Body Issue (you're on your own) is a creative concept. Get athletes to get naked, pose in an athletic position, but don't show anything that you normally see when someone gets naked.  And I never knew I look just like Blake Griffin.