Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The old guy from The Green Mile does a photoshoot with his child bride on the beach.
  • I really haven't followed the Amanda Knox case, but once the judge freed her yesterday, I would have bolted for the airport to get back to the United States. And I think she did.
  • Saw that the "Job Of The Day" on Fox 4 this morning was a "Front Desk Coordinator."
  • Political expert (?) Hank Williams, Jr. compared President Obama to Hitler yesterday, and I wondered if that would impact his (very old and tired) Monday Night Football theme song run. Well, ESPN killed it last night. Maybe they were just looking for an excuse to can it for good.
  • And it seems fitting that the crazy comparison occurred on Fox and Friends. That network may end up doing more harm than good to the conservative movement by the time it is all over with. 
  • Then the goofball "Boot In Your [Arse]" guy Toby Keith comes out and says he really doesn't have a problem with gay marriage. Man, this world is confusing.
  • Has any sitting President ever gone deer hunting and publicized it?
  • Thirty spotted donkeys in Bridgeport taken over by Humane Society.
  • I'm in trial today. Nothing fun about this one. I'll tell you more later. 
  • Even when I'm what they call a Senior Citizen, I don't think I'll fall for a scam like this Grapevine man did.
  • There were rumors of an American Airlines bankruptcy on the horizon, and folks got nervous yesterday when its already extremely low priced stock dropped by over a third
  • If Cowboys Stadium had the roof closed on Sunday (perfect weather), why go to the trouble of putting a retractable roof on it at all?
  • There's just something wrong about the baseball playoffs starting at 4:00 in the afternoon and being on TBS.