Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a heck of a lot more hoopla about the Rangers winning a playoff series last year because people were actually able to watch the games.
  • I made fun of Ranger T-shirts last year that proclaimed them "West Division Champions." I think we finally matured this year -- I didn't see a single one.
  • Darlie Routier is back on the market. (Either you know who she is or you don't.)  When her execution date rolls around, I'll bet that case will explode back onto the scene. 
  • Gov. Chris Christie is a Sarah Palin wannabe. After months of teasing the GOP about whether he'll run for president, he holds a press conference yesterday to announce that he would not. He stayed in front of the camera answering questions for almost an hour. 
  • The Messenger has an ad in their own paper today implying that they will rename its Sunday paper the Saturday paper (its been delivered for two decades on Saturday) and its Thursday paper the Wednesday paper (same deal.)  It's about time. 
  • You military/aircraft guys, is there any significance to this video from an aircraft carrier? It's making the rounds with not much of a description.
  • Every time I see Joel Osteen and his wife get interviewed (they were on Piers Morgan last night), I stop down.  That wife of his has to High Maintenance to the nth degree.
  • University of North Texas "Hey, Now"?
  • Great softball moment from my team: Other team's batter walks, my catcher drops the ball and believes it's a dropped third strike -- even though there weren't even two strikes, she throws the ball down to first striking the runner in the back of the head, the runner takes off to second, and my first baseman then launches the ball into left field as everyone else stood around and watched.  If I don't get Coach Of The Year, something is wrong. 
  • The NBA strike is almost in full force and I feel fine. 
  • The Messenger has a story about the 1972 Bridgeport/Decatur footballgame. They should do more of those flashbacks.
  • I know I'm Old School when I get to work and realize I don't have any collar stays in, but I have an extra set in my desk for emergencies.