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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The fire in the Bastrop area had to bad -- really bad -- to get that much coverage when most news stations were shorthanded due to Labor Day.
  • But I bet Rick Perry didn't mind one bet missing the presidential forum in South Carolina to return to Texas to "survey the damage." It looks like the race is his to not screw up and that was a chance to screw up.
  • Heard on the radio this morning: "When we look in a mirror we think 'well, there are some flaws but not too bad.' But when we look at ourselves in a photo we weren't expecting to be taken, our reaction is one of, 'Oh, my gosh!!"'
  • From the Update:  "ESL classes and a new citizenship class will begin Wednesday at First Baptist Church in Decatur." I'm guessing that's English as a Second Language.
  • Jeff Bolton, the conservative talk show host on KLIF, this morning said he wouldn't live in the Hill Country or any other rural area because of the lack of quick fire and police response and the quality of education. Even assuming he's right (a major leap at best), its ironic that a hardline conservative considers government services at the top of his Quality of Life list. 
  • And the Tea Party will not be happy with what Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. said before he introduced President Obama over the weekend. 
  • The Big Tex Awards for the silly fried foods at this year's State Fair makes me shake my head. What was the winner, Fried Bubble Gum? Sheesh.
  • Sports fans: Did you hear/read about the the shocking "pick u up some wings" tweet that went out over Jean-Jacques Taylor's twitter account? He claimed he was hacked which is a common excuse these days. (Use the Google if interested, but it certainly is an "oh, my" moment.)
  • Mrs. LL is having a Softball Team Uniform Breakdown to try and get them done in time. Sometimes, "Baby, it's all going to be OK" just doesn't do the trick. But it'll be OK.
  • For you twitter fans, the #FirstWorldPains hashtag is a funny bit. 
  • Former TCU/Bridgeport star Colin Jones made the cut with the 49ers but it sounded a little closer than expected.
  • The Ticket had Daniel Johnston of The Devil and Daniel Johnston on the radio last week. You don't know who he is either, do you? But I'm pretty fascinated now. 
  • Its the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Week so get ready. And why the government just didn't take the World Trade Center site by eminent domain, and then build those buildings right back like they were will always be a mystery to me. (Side note: A disturbing cover of The Sunday Times Magazine about how we refuse to talk about those who jumped to their death off of the Twin Towers.)
  • The Cowboys game on 9/11 in New York against the Jets on  national TV on Sunday night has all the markings of being quite the production. The chances of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani trying to get camera time?: 100%
  • I had the last pick in a 14 team fantasy football draft yesterday. My pick: Vince Young.