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Random Friday Monday Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: You'll thank me for not posting the krillions of comments telling me I got the day wrong. Twice. 
  • Motorcycle chase leads to messy motorcycle death that shut down I-20 in Dallas this morning. I heard that the bike hit the back of an 18-wheeler so hard that it bent the truck's rear underride bar.
  • Did you know that the underride bar is also known as the "Mansfield Bar" named after a Jayne Mansfield car accident?  Me neither until this morning. (I know that sounds like an Urban Legend but a quick search seems to indicate it is true.)
  • Lake Bridgeport is now 13 feet low and it looks like it's losing a foot every one and half weeks.
  • But "black bass are good on medium running crankbaits in shad patterns and Texas rigged Jackall Sasuteki Craws." That's probably what I would have chosen. 
  • The Decatur Eagles play tonight? On Thursday? Maybe I'm losing it, but has that ever happened in the regular season? 
  • I've seen just a little of the Republican debate from last night, but Rick Perry continues to have uncomfortable reactions whenever someone takes a jab at him. It's almost a George W type "smirk".
  • Perry called the El Paso border unsafe last night (and suggested President Obama might be an "abject liar" to suggest otherwise). That's a murky claim.  If he's talking about the Mexican side, he's right because it's a death zone. If he's talking about the El Paso side, he's wrong because it has one of the lowest crime rates in America. So is the "border" safe or unsafe? Maybe he was talking about swimming in the Rio Grande.
  • Mitt Romney didn't wear a lapel pin! Mitt Romney didn't wear a lapel pin!
  • Reporter angrily tells man to take a walk. (Language warning.)
  • An "official UNT" twitter account which is anything but "official" but it is kind of funny. And will likely be shut down unless it puts up a disclaimer. 
  • I learned something as a softball coach: Never announce a new practice session on short notice and say that you will understand if your child can't make it. Guess what happens?
  • Two times this year, a Ranger pitcher has entered the game and given up a walk off home run on his very first pitch. Yesterday was one of them.
  • The Dallas Morning News laid off 38 people this week.
  • Miley Cyrus image makeover continues. (Pic).  How old is she again?
  • A Ticket host is in Honduras to adopt a child and before he left he had to sign a Ransom Waiver provided by the Adoption Agency.  That is, if a kidnapping occurs and he is asked for a ransom, the Adoption Agency would not be responsible, would not pay, and would not negotiate on his behalf. How many times did that have to happen before they decided to put a waiver in the standard paperwork? 
  • Dallas Cowboys are in big trouble Sunday: They were already going to use three first time starters on the offensive line, but things got worse yesterday when the best one (first round pick Smith) suffered a knee injury. And both cornerbacks (Jenkins and Newman) have been hurt all preseason, and it was announced yesterday that Newman is out for the first game and that Jenkins hurt a knee in practice.
  • Coach Jason Garrett says, "We welcome the challenge" as he continues to prove he's the most boring interview in the NFL.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay's new catch phrase is, "You can't fix stupid." I'm not saying a thing.
  • Mrs. LL didn't read yesterday's Random Thoughts until this morning. I walked into the room and she was just stared at me. I hope it wasn't one of those "I don't even know you anymore" looks.