Friday Night Lights When It Felt Like Fall

Decatur (3-0) 52
WF Hirschi (1-2) 16
Instant Analysis: No coach. No problem.

Springtown (0-3) 28
Bridgeport (3-0) 49
Instant Analysis: Springtown isn't very good. (Video from last night - which has 24 views as I post this)

First Baptist (1-2) 31
Chico (2-1) 14
Instant Analysis: That's the private school which is part of the First Baptist Church of Dallas where the annual tuition is over $12,000 a year. (Gulp!) I'm stunned they won after suffering culture shock from seeing an Allsups for the first time.

Electra (2-1) 28
Alvord (2-1) 49
Instant Analysis: Alvord trailed 21-28 going into the 4th quarter. Somebody pulled out a Rally Monkey.

Boyd (2-1) 41
Henrietta (1-2) 6
Instant Analysis: A Beatdown.

Rio Vista (1-2) 28
Paradise (2-1) 55
Instant Analysis: Did you know Rio Vista is the home of a landmark Supreme Court case on whether it is constitutional to arrest someone for a traffic violation? As for the game, I'll go with almost "cruel and unusual."  Edit: Sheesh. It's Lago Vista and not Rio Vista that went to the Supreme Court.  I got my bodies of water mixed up.