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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Career explosion of the week: "Arkansas TV weatherman Brett Cummins has been questioned by police after waking up in an empty hot tub next to a dead man wearing a dog collar." There's just not many ways you can put a positive spin on that.  (And you know your life has gone horribly wrong when . . . . )
  • Something noticeably absent in Wise County right now: Crickets.
  • About 50 people gathered in Slidell last night to lobby to keep the local post office open. I think you have a rally of 50,000 people, and it wouldn't have an impact. And if the news is true this week, there might not be any post offices open in the very near future. 
  • Saw that the Decatur head coach missed the football game last night because his son was in the hospital due to "emergency surgery" on his leg that he injured last week. Sounds kind of bad.
  • Mrs. LL saw "The Help" and said it was a multiple Kleenex movie.
  • It may be easy to say since my team won, but TCU v. Baylor last Friday might end up being the most exciting game of the year. 
  • Idiocracy continued: (1) The Fox NFL robot, Cleatus, has a twitter account, and (2) the NFL is making all stadiums display fantasy football stats on stadium scoreboards.
  • Criminal appellate opinion: A an illegal immigrant in Wise County fights to overturn his misdemeanor marijuana non-conviction probation  after it lead to deportation proceedings. (You would be stunned by the number of crimes that do not lead to deportation issues, but at least 30 grams of marijuana is not one of them.)
  • You are asking: "An illegal immigrant can be prosecuted and receive probation or jail time in Texas and not automatically be deported?" I'd say 9 out of 10 times. 
  • A treasure trove of audio of 9/11 released by the FAA. 
  • For you Ticket Fans: Paradise v. Rio Vista was the "Big Black Computer's Craig Way Memorial Game of The Week" this morning. (That sounds insane and even I understand it.)
  • And The Ticket also replayed their audio of 9/11 this morning. I'll always remember being on FM 1810 when I heard the morning boys describe the second plane hitting the building, and how flat out frightened I was when I heard George Dunham say, "This is now a military operation." 
  • Sheriff Joe yesterday: "At 2:00 today I will have a press conference at Basic Training in Scottsdale concerning citizens requesting a crime suppression operation." Is that the same thing as saying, today I'll answer questions from citizens requesting that I actually work?
  • The power of the compliment: Of everything that's happened with girl's softball, I still appreciate a dad coming up to me for the first practice and saying, "I just want to say thanks. I know this takes a lot of time and just want to tell you my wife and I appreciate your efforts."