Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I went to bed with the Cowboys leading and woke up to hear everyone dogging  Tony Romo. (The big stat this morning is that it was the first time in 242 games that the Cowboys lost after leading by 14 or more in the 4th quarter. So that was the worst collapse ever? That's hard to believe. )
  • One of these days I'll try to explain why I'm interested in the Cowboys (like you would be interested in a book or a TV series), but why I don't care about the Cowboys. 
  • I almost got rear-ended on Friday: Hear the squealing of locked up tires, in the rear view mirror I see a car coming at me at rapid speed, in a split second I goose it and brake thereby moving  up the two feet I had to spare, guy gives up on braking -- he's surely going to hit me -- and turns hard to the right and goes by with no room to spare. 
  • I was walking up the stairs yesterday morning when, from the TV, I heard the request for a moment of silence as the bell chimed at the memorial site in New York. I actually stopped. 
  • The 25 most un-American reactions to 9/11
  • At what age should kids see the footage of 9/11 as a learning experience? When they aren't kids anymore? 
  • Three date rapes (or at least acquaintance rapes -- if there is such a thing) at TCU in nine days?
  • Mrs. LL spent Saturday evening at some wheels off uniform print screening shop actually getting involved in the print screening process. (Those team uniforms were going to get done.)
  • If an explosion at a nuclear power plant is something that would make you nervous, get nervous this morning about one in France. 
  • A fire in Wise County was caused by a lady violating the burn ban so she was issued a couple of tickets. Today the Update identified her which I bet is a much bigger deterrent than the tickets. 
  • Last sports notes: (1) I said Cam Newton would be an NFL bust and he goes out and throws for 422 yards in his first game, (2) on Friday I said the Baylor/TCU game might end up being the best college game of the year and then came along Michigan/Notre Dame on Saturday night, (3) it looks like Garrett Gilbert will not be "the next great quarterback" for the Evil Empire. 
  • I dreamed a guy pulled up to me in Jacksboro with a dead body in the passenger seat and asked me what he should do. A few hours later I decided it would probably be a pretty good idea to tell the cops. 
  • On WBAP this morning, one of the guys was outraged that the TCU team doctor (who is originally from Pakistan) was detained for over 20 minutes at security in Colorado Springs as the team prepared to fly back from the Air Force game. So now those radio guys are upset with racial profiling?