Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Think the metroplex is not a football town? The regular season game for the Cowboys on Sunday night had a larger local audience than any of the Mavs' championship games or the Rangers World Series games.
  • I feel this way when Mrs. LL puts on her high heels and we go out.
  • I saw some of the Republican debate sponsored by the Tea Party last night. Good stuff. Put those guys in front of that crazy audience and it's Entertainment City.
  • Uncomfortable moment of the debate: Would the candidate support government inaction and  let a thirty something year old die who had fallen into a coma and didn't have private insurance? The audience general reaction seemed to be "sure." And as much as I like Ron Paul, even I cringed when he said that was a "choice" the guy made to the cheers of the crowd. 
  • While you were sleeping: Miss Angola because became Miss Universe 2011.
  • The City of Decatur approved the hiring of three new full time firefighters. Really? Every other fire department in the county is volunteer based, aren't they?
  • Tried to buy a bag of ice at a convenience store yesterday with a credit card but told there was a "$3.00 minimum." I grabbed a Gatorade and that brought the total to $2.90. He let it slide which prevented a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode from breaking out between us.
  • Today we break the record for most 100 days in one year for the metroplex. Even in the middle of the beating-of-a-summer, I never thought we get to 70 days.
  • NFL records set this weekend:  Total combined passing yards by all teams (7842), most games where both quarterbacks threw for over 300 yards (5), and most punt and/or kickoff returns TDs (8).  It's turning into the Arena League.
  • Forgot about this old (alleged) line from evangelist Tony Campolo delivered during a sermon: “50,000 people around the world died of hunger today. That’s bad, but what’s worse is that most of us don’t give a damn. But what’s even worse is that for many of us, it is more bothersome that I just said the word ‘damn’ than that I said 50,000 children of God died of hunger.”
  • A guy received a 30 year sentence yesterday for the Intoxication Manslaughter death of a Dallas physician in a pretty high profile case. Maybe it happens all the time in Dallas, but I noted that the prosecution was composed of two female lawyers and the defense team had two females as well. I think you'd normally see a guy thrown in their somewhere. 
  • If you are a sports gambler, you have got to see this story from last weekend.
  • That high tone Houston plaintiff's lawyer who has had Sting, Miley Cyrus, and Bon Jovi play at his firm's Christmas Party is going with Rascal Flatts this year. The personal injury business must be suffering.
  • There's a potentially wheels off criminal trial starting in Decatur this morning. I'll check out in a second.
  • Edit: S Bomb on Monday Night Football last night.
  • I've updated yesterday's post regarding the gaggle of lawyers in Decatur and Serena's outburst. (See below.)