Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Scarlett Johansson allegedly had her phone "hacked" which caused some very revealing pics to be posted all over the Internet yesterday. (I'll leave that to you.) Her lawyer has threatened legal action against anyone who posts them in an effort to stop their Internet spread. After he made the threat, I suspect he asked someone, "how's that Internet thing work?"
  • Funny T. Boone Pickens quote I read: "Don't rush the monkey and you'll see a better show." I'll have to shoehorn that in sometime today.
  • The Wise County Tax Office was burglarized a day of so ago. Why? It's not like they keep bundles of tax money laying around. (Side note: Another burglary is notable simply because of the store's name: "Cushy Tooshie".)
  • If you tried to drive into Fort Worth this morning on 287, you may still be stuck in north Fort Worth.
  • Yeah, I saw the reports about the new tell-all book about Sarah Palin. Cocaine, an affair, and a one night stand with a college basketball star? Meh.
  • Seems like the power brokers in the Republican Party are beginning to believe Rick Perry would get exposed and killed by President Obama and that Mitt Romney has a better chance of winning the general election. They might be right. 
  • Had a table full of females at the dinner table look at me like I was crazy last night when I suggested what position a football player played (new boyfriend) based upon the number he wore. 
  • From the weekend, Auburn's War Eagle smashing into a luxury box. But like 'merica, he kept on going. 
  • I still hate the Family Cat, I just no longer hate the Family Cat more than I did the preceding week.
  • Google Flight Search is up and running. When they get something right, they really get it right. 
  • A Decatur kid joins the Texas Tech baseball team as a junior college transfer and gets profiled here.
  • Funny quote about how UT is at the heart of the probable break up of the Big 12 because of greed for The Longhorn Network: "They were like the fat kid at the buffet who had a full plate but whose eyes got big when he saw the all-you-can-eat pudding area."
  • My Eyes!!!: Nancy Grace without makeup.(Thanks, Keith)
  • Hadn't thought about the collapse of that bridge to Padre Island in, oh, about ten years.